The Pretty Pony

March 26, 2011
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Lucy wanted a pretty pony. One day she went into the living room where her parents were sitting. "Mommy, Daddy" she said "can I have a pretty pony, please?"

"If you really want a pretty pony, Lucy, you must show us that you can take care of a pony and be a responsible young girl" her mother said.

"What can I do to show you I'm responsible?" asked Lucy.

"Well, you can do chores around the farm and you need to get good grades in school" her father replied.

Lucy was excited about the chance to show that she can take care of a pony. She studied hard at school and got good grades. She helped her mother with the dishes and the cleaning. She also helped her father with the crops and taking care of the chickens, goats, and cows. Lucy worked very hard for several months; and she never gave up on her dream of owning a pretty pony.

One day when she came inside from milking the cows her father came up to her and said "Lucy, sweetheart, your mother and I have been talking about getting you a pony. We've decided that you have proven to be a responsible enough to own your very own pony." Lucy couldn't believe her ears! She was so excited about getting a pretty pony she started jumping up and down, squealing with joy.

"When can I get my pony? Wen can I get my pony?" cried Lucy.

"I'll take you down to the auction house next Saturday" Lucy's father replied. She couldn't wait for Saturday to come. She told all her friends at school about getting her very own pretty pony.

Finally, the day came to go get her pony. Lucy and her father go up early Saturday morning to pick out the pony.

There were so many ponies and horses at the auction house to choose from! There were big horses and little ponies. There were so many different breeds and colors, Lucy loved them all!

When the auction started Lucy and her father went to the bleachers and watched as one horse or pony was led into the arena after the other. Many ponies and horses were shown and bought, then Lucy had her eye caught on a little black pony that was being led into the arena. "Daddy! Daddy! I want that black pony! I want that one!" she cried. But other people wanted that pony too. After many bids her father was the last person to still bid on the pony. The auctioneer announced that he had won the pony. Lucy was so happy to hear that they got the pony. That was definitely the best day of her life, she told herself.

Lucy and her father leave the bleachers to find Lucy's new pony. After a few minutes they found the pony. Her father looked the pony over and then paid for it. That day they brought the pony home.

"What are you going to name your new pony?" Lucy's father asked.

"I was thinking that I'll name him Stardust" she answered.

"That's a good name for a pretty pony" her father said. "But remember that he's your responsibility. You need to take care of him every day."

"I will, Daddy, I will. I'll take great care of Stardust!" she exclaimed.

Lucy kept her promise to take care of her pretty pony. Every morning she took care of her pony. After school she rode her pony for exercise. Every night she gave the pony more food and cleaned his stall for the second time that day. Lucy and Stardust became best friends.

Lucy got her pretty pony. She proved to be a responsible young girl and lived happily with Stardust for many more years.

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