The Frozen Chamber

March 24, 2011
By , greenwich, CT
How arrogant, and conceited is this wall of glass that surrounds me, watching my every move, every thought, and every action! Heck, all of my desperate attempts to destroy the wall have been outdone! Behold! For I am surrounded by not just any ordinary wall. See, it is a wall cold as ice, yet it burns hot as flame, which sometimes keeps me warm. But the wall itself is so dangerously cold, that if stretch out my arms and touch it for a single moment, my hands freeze to the core. So constantly I shake, and I cry, and I shout in furious anger. Because I one day wish to let go, and obliterate the glass wall with my bare knuckles. But, for the moment, I am, regrettably, too frightened to do so. In a sense, I am locked inside my chamber, frozen in place… inconclusive, as I am petrified.

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