Accidents Happen

March 24, 2011
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The car must have been moving one hundred miles an hour. My father was sitting next to me in his now totaled blue Ford Explorer. It seemed as though we hit every pot hole along the way. I was unable to see very far on either side of me, due to the large brown buildings with many windows. Straight ahead, I saw the large, familiar white star, surrounded by a red awning, signifying the Macy’s logo. The logo started appearing closer and closer at a rapid pace. By this time I was concerned but there was no time, for in seconds the once polished car had been thrust through the front of the Macy’s building. A large cloud of foggy smoke forms around the accident. I slowly started to rise, seeing myself from above. Soon, I was standing on the flat roof of one of the large brown buildings. I stared at myself wondering what happened to my once handsome and muscular body. Now all that I could see within myself was a large cut on my right cheek and bruises in every other imaginable place. Within seconds, the red and blue lights appeared as though I was in a scene from a movie. “What mark have I made on this world? What will my friends and family say about me now that I am no longer with them?” The questions flow in and out of my exhausted mind. Subconsciously, I took a swift leap off of the large brown building, not feeling anything except for the cool breeze on my face and landed softly on the gurney that the EMT had placed me on. Bam! I woke up only to find my alarm clock ringing in my ears. Even though my nightmare was over for now, I know it will be back very soon, as it often is.

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