Diving into Peanut Butter

March 26, 2011
By LINDZ BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
LINDZ BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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I dive into a jar of homemade creamy peanut butter. The oil has interbred with the clumpy peanut-y mass, making the concoction thick and creamy, a wet-sand brown, speckled with grains of peanuts a color somewhat darker. The jar is cylinder-shaped, glass, with a wide base, stomach, and neck, all the same width, like a hippo’s leg.
I bathe in the peanut butter, and it fills in the gaps between my skin, making me whole and connected. It feels warm. But then I begin to sink, and the density of roasted peanuts begins to suffocate me. I can’t breathe, I’m panting and stroking frenziedly, while the creaminess composedly sedates me, seducing my muscles into wilting and becoming one with my murderer.
Then I am floating on the top once more, but I cannot make the tightness in my lungs disappear. The peanut butter is hydrogenating my skin, rubbing oil onto me, making me heavy and dense. I climb out of the jar, and slide down the edge, landing hard on my wrists, feet, and posterior.
I discover a slice of apple-- a quarter segment cored. The apple peel is red, the interior crisp, sweet, and off-white. I recline on the fruit segment and breathe.
Peanut butter oil drips onto the counter, a puddle of warmth beside my lounge of life.

The author's comments:
I love peanut butter, and it results in my imagination gone wild.

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on Apr. 4 2011 at 10:02 am
forever_an_artist BRONZE, Mint Hill, North Carolina
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Wow! I would call this vivid and just slightly disturbing. Very interesting topic; I had never thought much about peanut butter before. I love your writing style; it's successfuly discriptive and really draws the reader in. Great job!

TerraTAZz GOLD said...
on Apr. 4 2011 at 8:55 am
TerraTAZz GOLD, Sapulpa, Oklahoma
18 articles 3 photos 86 comments

Favorite Quote:
Nobody goes through life without a scar.

-carol burnett

Loved the detail, made me want peanut butter:))


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