boring apocolypse

By , everett, WA
Despite the chaos outside the room in which I sat quietly was extremely boring,dull and all together no fun. The walls were coated with blood and various body parts were strewn about the room. Altogether there was nothing new a bout the men ballet class room, except for a woman sitting in the corner screaming her head off. And I don’t blame, if I was surrounded by undead, mutating,dancing,zombie men with handlebar mustaches I’d scream so loud I’d tear a hole in space and cause a black hole. After a minute her screaming I took out a hand grenadWHOisteld to the zombies who decided I looked tastier, started dancing can in my direction. Plucking the pin from the grenade I tossed in into the middle of the room. As soon as the zombies reached it the grenade went off just in time for me to shield myself with an umbrella From zombie guts and blood being sprayed everywhere.I sighed looked up and said to my self “honestley I excpected more out of a zombie apocolypse.

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