Cheap N Easy

March 24, 2011
I hate flowers… I hate them because everyone gives people flowers on their Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Valentines Day and they really don’t mean anything. Flowers are a waste of time they smell bad, they are not that pretty, and they look deathly. Flowers mean nothing to me because well everyone gives people flowers. Flowers I think should just not be around because everyone thinks that they make up for everything. They are really pointless as a gift because who wants a gift that dies? I mean really are you to busy to make something for someone that you love but, you can stop at the nearest store and buy flowers that are not a gift from the heart but is a last minute gift or the “I forgot to get you something gift”. I guess you could say when it comes to flowers I am very hateful. Flowers die, so do you want the person you buy them for to think that your love for them could die? I really think that buying someone flowers is just plain laziness on that person behalf and it is a very lazy. Think about it for a minute, flowers cost about 50 dollars and they die but, a gift that you make will cost half of that and it lasts a lifetime.

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