The Last Minutes.

March 23, 2011
By pandabear62 BRONZE, Wesley Chapel, Florida
pandabear62 BRONZE, Wesley Chapel, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"death is not the biggest fear we have...
our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive...
the risk to be alive and express what we really are"

It all happened so fast, the crash, the screams, the slow rising smoke that creeps into my now suppressed lungs. Everything is blurry, nothing makes sense, all I can feel is your hand intertwined with my own, holding me. Then I can see you, your face in the darkness. It’s battered, thick blood covers your crinkled forehead, and I realize your screaming. Screaming in pain? In agony? In sadness? I can’t tell, all I can see is your painful expression. Your once light blue eyes are darkening, and your screaming something. My name?
I watch as you try to lift your face away from the shattered glass that covers the hard, cold, malicious pavement. The very thing that is suppressing us from breaking free. Broken metal is wrapped around my body, I think… I don’t know, I can’t feel anything, I’m numb. There you go, your screaming again, I can’t stand your face. It’s too painful. I watch as your eyes squeeze shut and tears roll down your forehead, I can’t help but think there going the wrong way.
I want to call your name, say something, tell you to smile and to stop crying. But… I’m broken. There is no feeling, only the faint sting of pain that wraps my body. The darkness is clouding my vision and I can feel that I’m beginning to slip away. Ah, there’s that hand again, squeezing mine, strong and protective. Even now as I lay here broken, I some how feel safe. Your calling me, I can make it out from the movements of your thin lips. You’re saying it slowly, trying to get my attention. But I know it’s too late, and I think you know it too. Tears are coming down faster now, they mix in with the blood that has starting rolling down from your cheeks. Red, dark, shiny droplets that seem to mock me, for they are able to roll free away from this place.
I want to leave, I can see it, the small light everyone has always talked about. It’s beginning to cover your face, your agonizing, suffering face. There's that urge again, to call your name, to tell you to forget about me, to not suffer anymore. I want to see you smile, I want it to be my last memory. I see you begin to scream again, why must you scream?
But finally I understand why… You’re being pulled away from me. Away from this metal trap that holds us so dearly in its monstrous claws. I feel you holding on my lifeless hand tighter, you don’t want to let go, I know, I don’t want you to let go either. But you must, you have to live. I want to be able to see you live, to walk this earth again, to see your shining face, to see you love once more. I want to see that smile more than anything, that smile that saved me once before, when we first met. Do you remember?
Your hand begins to slip away, and your panicking. Your screaming my name louder this time, I can finally hear it. Jenna. It’s hoarse; I can barely tell it’s yours. My visions dimming and I can barely see those beautiful eyes of yours, there’s a veil of water over them. I watch as you blink them away, they roll down the wrong way again. I try one last time, to tell you to smile, I want to see it.
I feel my lips begin to move as I make one last effort. It’s slow, and I don’t know if can you understand me. But I made it out. Smile. Your face is in shock as your being pulled away.
Your hand is gone, and I can no longer see your face. Good, that’s good. I want you to live. And as my vision clouds, and I begin to slip away, I see it.
Your smile that erupts from the light, its beautiful, your face is glowing and your leading the way out of this trap, off the cold pavement, and to some place where I am protected by you once more. As ways and forever, I love you.

The author's comments:
This is my first published short story. I hope you enjoy it!

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