The Story of Sandwich

March 23, 2011
Here I am! Born, as I was created in his image, the image of pure deliciousness. But, I’m no ordinary sandwich. I am my own, unique unlike those copies born in Burger King. No! I am far greater. Everything about me is organic, hand crafted.

Now what would you do with such a perfect masterpiece? I see how impressed the chief looks at his creation then hears the fearsome word from across the way.


He takes one last look at me then slides me onto a plate with simpleton fries. Abandoned by my master he picks the plate up and hands me to another man which he takes me farther then I ever have been before. Beyond the gates into an unknown land. The light blinds me but I shake it off and open my eyes. Everything, all around me…is carnage is genocide. Its unavoidable to not look at whats going on around me. People tearing apart my fellow brothers, sandwiches falling into the dark abyss.

After a little while observing I notice something that puts a chill down my mayo to my beef. The plate that I am on matches the other sandwiches being eaten on the table. Before I could escape I am set down on a table facing this plumber named Jack. I’m to good to be eaten and if anything I should be eaten by a king. He starts elevator eyes on me then tells the waiter he didn’t want tomato. He has me where he wants me and yet insults my tomato. The waiter opens me up and takes it out. A piece of me gone, stolen by this plumber, my dignity.

Have I been made to be eaten? Have I lived a life only to be swallowed by this vermin? But, I think I’m ready to face my fate. Maybe I’m just like everyone else no better no worse all just trying to live along with there lives. Goodbye, chief.

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