March 23, 2011
"What do you think of this war?" His face held a childish happiness with his question but his eyes were milky in color which showed the seriousness of the question. He stood tall, strong.

"I think its pointless." The girl was attempting to dig threw the stone. It was difficult but time spent doing these same actions for well over two centuries made the task seem easy, it was almost a place of peace. All she need to do was the same repetitive motions over and over again. A well placed hit a few drags then another it.

"And why do you think of this in that way?" Long arms were circled around his torso his mouth set in a firm line.

The girl stopped her motions and looked the warrior in the eyes. Leaning on her tool with a casual stance she noticed he no longer held any emotion he was good at covering it up. Probably from a couple of millenniums of practice she guessed. "Cause this is not my fight, I am stuck in limbo fighting a war that is not my own. For a god I never believed in, and yes now I know God exist but I do not love him as you do. God has the strength, power, knowledge to stop all of this with a simple wave of the hand or even a thought, but he does not. And why cause he loves us all to much. It hurts him to have to do this. But he sits by and lets us stain our hands with the blood of his loved ones, the fallen ones who wish for humans like me to burn for all eternity because we supposedly belong to the god they believe in Lucifer, Satan, the devil. To burn for the actions of the one who casted them away. One Angel's action destroyed us all, built us up and now I'm stained with sins colored like ink for a war that should not be continued."

"Well than young one you still have much to learn." The man just smiled at her.

"You always know best Michael" She went back to the repetitive motions no longer did the grating screech of stone against stone sting her ears.

"No child I do not, now lets bury our friend" His voice flitted out in a whisper she strained to hear.

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