The Squirrel

March 18, 2011
By noodles11 BRONZE, Greenville, Rhode Island
noodles11 BRONZE, Greenville, Rhode Island
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Once upon a time, there was a bear, and a squirrel. The bear was always bragging that he was the strongest animal in the forest and the squirrel was tired of it. So, the squirrel challenged the bear to a battle, with the winner becoming king of the forest. Everyone wanted the squirrel to becoming king because the squirrel was nice and caring, whereas the bear was mean and bossed people around.

The bear was certain he would win, as how could something a hundredth his size defeat the might bear? However, the squirrel trained as hard as he could, becoming stronger, and light on his feet. He worked as hard as he could every day, until he could no longer move his tiny little body, to go home.

By the time the day of the fight came, the bear was still much stronger than the squirrel, but the squirrel knew what he was going to do, unlike the bear, who put no thought into the fight. The bear and squirrel stood across from each other, while all the animals from the forest formed a circle around them, watching what the result would be, but all rooting for the squirrel.

The bear lunged at the squirrel, hoping to grab the furry animal in his paw, but the squirrel managed to slip away from the bear’s massive bulk. The bear kept trying to tackle the squirrel, except once. The bear swung his paw at the squirrel, and caught him in the chest, sending him flying into the woods. The bear started to celebrate, certain that he had just obtained victory, and the title of king of the forest. However, the squirrel was just acting out his plan. The squirrel, although hurt, climbed into the trees, and positioned himself on a branch, right above the bear. Then, he dropped down onto the bear’s face and clung to the bear’s fur, covering his eyes. The bear tried wildly to swipe the tiny squirrel off his face, but the squirrel hung on. The bear started to run around blindly, and slammed himself into a tree, knocking himself unconscious. The crowed roared with joy at this, and the squirrel climbed on top of the bear, declaring himself King of the Forest.

And a good king he was; he pleased all of the animals in the forest, treated everyone nicely, and fairly, and everyone was happy. He was able to save a bunch of endangered species, and was even able to work out a deal with the US government, keeping anyone unable to cut down the forest. However, the agreement was broken after five days, sparking the Forest War, leading to World War Three.

The author's comments:
A short story I wrote for my creative writing class

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