Crazy Man

March 18, 2011
By Anonymous

There was once a man named Lukecas Monticello. He was a tall man, about 6 feet tall, with blond hair, and blue eyes. Lukecas was known to have excellent writing skills by everyone. They thought nothing would stop him from writing. That is until the day when new neighbors moved in.

It was a summer day; Lukecas was in his room writing a story that was going to be the best story ever read. Right when he was writing the best part, he heard a moving truck. This was a dreadful day to Lukecas, since who owned the apartment next to him told him he was going to have to rent it to a couple, Lukecas hated couples. Soon the man knocked on the door, Lukecas went and answered it.

“We’re your new neighbors!”

Lukecas was ashamed; someone that knew him did this to him. The man was dirty looking; he had on overalls, no shirt, no shoes. Lukecas wanted to run when he saw that man outside his door.
“Hello good sir.”
“Why you talking like that?”
“I am a civilized human being, with proper grammar of course.”
“You call us hillbillies?”
“I might just be sir, only in a civilized manner, which you have no clue about.”
“Then I hope you mind if I make noise all the time, would you?”
“I’m writing a story, so yes I would mind.”
“Too bad.”
Lukecas shut the door right in that mans face. Lukecas wondered if he was ever going to be able to finish that story with that man right next store. He would have to do something if that man was as loud as he thinks.
Lukecas was in bed, just about asleep. He was going to need it so he wouldn’t kill him soon. Then right when he was about to fall asleep, the man began with loud rock music.
It was the next day; Lukecas hadn’t slept at all. He got out of bed, to the kitchen for his coffee like a zombie. He decided to make a fool-proof plan; nothing would stop him. He was going to invite them over to what they will think is to apologize. It wouldn’t be anything like that.
The next day, a letter was in the couple’s mail box. They called him after opening it telling him he’s a wimp giving up so soon. Once they arrived, his plan began. They ate dinner, no one said a word. Everyone ate the food Lukecas had prepared, but there was something wrong with it. It had poison, not enough to kill, just enough to make you sick. Soon after they had finished eating their dinner, the sick feeling began.
“Hey, I’m not feeling well.”
“I’m sorry sir; you must not be used to the food I prepared.”
“Do you suppose it would be better if you stayed here?”
“I’m not sure. Wife isn’t comfortable in our house without me.”
“She could stay here as well if that would be better.”
“I guess that would be okay.”
Lukecas began to grin; his plan was going to work after all. He just had to wait until they both are asleep, and he will give them what they deserve. Not long after; both of them were asleep. Lukecas got his rope, and duct tape heading for the guest bedroom. Once he walked in, he headed for the bed, taking the covers off and duck taped the couple’s mouth’s shut. He rolled him the side, using the rope to handcuff his hands; he then did the same with his feet. He did the same with the wife; then he took more rope attaching the man and the woman to the bed. What he had planned, was a success.
The next morning was like Lukecas remembered; he could even hear birds chirping. So he began writing, Lukecas finally finished his story. Oddly, it was about a man who hid a couple just to have peace and quite. The story was exactly like what Lukecas had done, he called it “Crazy Man.”

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