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March 20, 2011
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There is a girl by the name of Summer. She lives with her mom, grandmother, aunt, and brother. She also had a dog named Bok Choy. They now lived in what may be seen as the boondocks, but they once lived in a city, that was more beautiful than you could ever imagine. As the years went by, the girl dreaded living in this new place. The children at her new school were cruel and teased her because she was different. Summer made up in her mind that she would make a promise to herself to not conform to the ways of the people in those boondocks and move back to her beloved city. She still tried to make friends, from elementary school all the way to middle school, but no matter how hard she tried she would not fit in. At least she had Bok Choy and her family to comfort her through it all. Summer remembered her promise and reminded herself that she just needed to stay strong in order to achieve her goal. She was going to move back to that beautiful city, no matter how long it took. High school came along and things seemed to get a little better, because the people there seemed to be open-minded. She began to make new friends as well. Nevertheless it didn’t matter, because her main goal was to move back to that beautiful city.

One morning, she got up to get ready for school. She went to feed her dog, but unfortunately found that she was dead. She ran through the whole house to wake everyone up with the news of Bok Choy. Her family helped to come to terms with this unfortunate event and comforted. It was then, that Summer came to the realization that all the while she was focused on moved back to her beloved and beautiful city, her loving family was what made their house a home. Whether they were living in the boondocks or in that beautiful city, it was the love of the family that made the years in those boondocks what they were. Even though the children at school seemed to be cruel, and the place seem to be inhabitable, the love of her family that gave her the continued happiness. From that point on Summer began to be more content with her life. Love may not be what make the world go ‘round, but it sure does make the ride worthwhile.

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Candice J. said...
Mar. 23, 2011 at 11:59 am
Awsome Work!!
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