Future In My Eyes

March 18, 2011
By Dallas_AHS BRONZE, Continental, Ohio
Dallas_AHS BRONZE, Continental, Ohio
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I know it is what everybody dreams of, but I wish I could see the future. I wish I could see the future because all of my questions would be answered. The true identity hidden deep inside the soul of each of my friends would reveal in my visions of the future. I could find out which friends truly are there for me through thick and thin. Only full-screen vision would be able to tell me. God knows everything about everybody and every part of his/her future, from whom he/she will marry or what he/she is going to eat for a snack the next day, He knows it all. He isn’t a psychic, telling the future looking through some crystal ball. He is the one of a kind, Lord Almighty. But I wish that even for a day I could know what was going to happen after years pass by.
If I had the power to have that kind of knowledge, I would have a choice on whether I would like to share what I know will happen with people or just keep it to myself. I want to know when all the heartbreaks will stop. Will this girl be the one who will commit to spending every day, until the day that we die, as my wife? How many kids will we have? These are unanswered questions that wander through my mind nonstop. My brain spins at a rapid speed when questions pop up. I take an enormous amount of time to think about every situation through the bottom of my heart to the top of my head. Sleepless nights and tiring days are due to the repetition of wondering about what the future will bring. As I lie down in my bed each night dumbfounded of what will happen before the morning reaches, people text me to get my mind off of problems. But it is usually just a bunch of hocus pocus because half of what I plan never actually happen because nobody else is willing to put in the effort that I would express to do what my beating heart is set to do.
Like a house being blown in a tornado in the dangerous, stormy day, my mind goes from one point to another. I imagine all the possibilities and outcomes of one situation that brings up another and gets me thinking about a whole new problem. What age will my hair start turning grey? When will my life in this mixed up, confusing world end and why? I think about what the future might hold in store for the people around the community because some day they will not be there. I try to make the best of the opportunity to make people smile when they are down on a rainy, cloudy day. A vision doesn’t have to tell people that they will die because all will eventually pass away. Next time somebody asks me what my future will be, I will tell them my hopes and wishes for my future, but I will never know what will happen before it happens.

The author's comments:
Sleepless nights while lying in my bed gives me the perfect opportunity to think of my future.

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