The Prophet

March 18, 2011
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I wake up and splash my face with holy water. Looking at my reflection in the grand mirror I see bright green long hair which is quite messy due to my constant rustlings in bed and cobalt blue eyes staring at me. I look towards my forehead and see a silver crest in my forehead in the image of light. I do my hair slowly and painfully doing away with the knots as the pain knocks the sleep out of me. It's the same day by day process and I hear a sigh in the back of my mind.
I ignore it and continue doing my hair as the sigh comes back even more obnoxious this time and my eyebrows furrow trying my best to ignore it. Just because she's bored she has to annoy me as well I think to myself as I put down my comb and go to my wardrobe and undress and look down at my body. I see 11 different colored crests in the image of their respective element.
If I never had the power to communicate with the goddess Agul they would of never appeared. Are you saying that having the power to communicate with me is bad? Such an ungrateful girl. I can hear her voice saying in the back of my mind. It's not that it's just that ever since people have found out that I can hear you in my mind they brought me to this convent and gave me the title of prophet. Ah sorry sorry I meant the "brand" of prophet. I have never actually had a normal conversation with someone ever since entering this convent since this revere me in a rank right below you Agul. Most people would be abusing this power but your actually using your power for good how commendable...heh I could see a smirk in my mind yeah what a goddess. I sighed thinking about everyone in our world blindly follows this so called great goddess Agul who complains nonstop to me that she's bored when I'm working, sarcastic by nature and enjoys seeing human kind fighting . Great goddess huh world? Oh wait I forgot I'm the only one who can talk to her again.
I let out a huge sigh as I put on my favorite uniform in a hurry even though I could be late if I wanted to because I'm the "prophet". I ran through the halls of the convent noticing some nuns pointing and only caring enough to hear that they couldn't even say my name but only call me "prophet" this "prophet" that. I got into the main praying room where mostly important people were and I was four minutes late. Everyone smiled and laughed it off because I smiled and said I'm sorry except for the bishop she was glaring at me.
Humans huh...their always like that when they want something Agul mocked. Be quiet Agul I'm working. I bowed stayed in position and said "I'm sorry but I can't accept the fact that you can just accept that I'm late just because I'm a prophet. Please use disciplinary actions on me just like you do on the nuns and soldiers when their late."
Asking for punishment huh? What are you turning into a masochist? I heard inside my head as she started to laugh at her own joke.
The bishop looked at me and nodded and then I could feel Agul glaring at me and I heard her say why aren't you laughing? Laugh. Now. I got up and laughed in a slow robotic voice "Ha.Ha.Ha.Ha" forcing a smile on as I ignored the weird looks and hushed whispers I got and walked up the steps to get next to the bishop. She introduced me as the prophet and stepped down and sat down watched me. As usual I have to give humanity a message from the god they worship, who was still laughing from embarrassing me.
The important guests were from all over the world and came to ask Agul something, one question no questions asked about your answer is how the system worked. Mostly we get residents from the town but sometimes we get important guests as well. "Should we start a war over more land?" asked a king. Agul got excited and I couldn't hear my own thoughts anymore. I closed my eyes and put my hands to my head and said "No you should not a star a war over more land. The goddess has spoken." Agul was furious but I ignored her. The guest paid the fee a bit disappointed and left.
After five more questions like that I was exhausted and needed a drink plus Agul was mad at me as well so I got the bishops permission and went to the cafeteria to get a bottle of water.
"Agul I'm sorry but if I always do what you ask my world would have been destroyed ten years ago you know?" I heard grumbling and something and about how I'm a goody two shoes. I let out a sigh and start to walk back slowly to the bishop to continue to do my job. If you're wondering what my job is it's basically to help rule this country with the 12 zodiacs (the government) they always ask for advice and to give the people communication with Agul three times a day, plus Agul can see everything going on in the world and if she sees something going on and wants me to do something about it she sends me to handle it.
I stop and lean against the wall my long green hair covering my cobalt blue eyes as I grip the water bottle to my chest tightly. Although their really asking for Ajul for advice. No one really respects my own opinions or tries to get to know who I am all they want to know about is Agul. No one addresses me by my own name, only by my title "The Prophet". Even though I have so many things against my job and where I am if I'm going to do something I will do it 100% because that's who I am and I want to just be treated normally as well. I'm still young and haven't even lived half my life yet I'm shackled to you Agul. I notice my knuckles were white and loosened my grip on the water bottle and took a deep breath and noticed the deathly silence going on in my head.
"I'm sorry I said too much but before we could talk you must have been really lonely and that's why you act the way you do and that's why I don't mind this job." I smiled and took a chug of water and started running...why am I running I don't know and I can feel the slickness of tear drops running down my cheeks. Huh? Why are there tear drops falling down my cheeks? Maybe I'll find the answers in the future where hopefully someone will recognize me for who I am." I find the doors in front of me and I'm hesitant to open them as I put out my hand I'm trembling but I hear a voice saying Shove it already idiot so I shove the door open and I get blinded by the light streaming in from the stained glasses. I try to block it out with my hand when I see shadows of people there. I wonder who those people are. Will we ever be connected one day? Or will we just be cursed by the title Prophet as well. Only time will tell.

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