March 17, 2011
By Anonymous

This was going to be a tough first day at Rubric High. I ran extremely fast past the people, books, desks and lockers. Anything to get away from that nerd, Andrew Greenfield. He’s been running after me ever since he heard that rumor that I liked him and wanted to travel with him to Malibu someday and get married. Gosh! I hate rumors so much. Sadly, as pretty and popular as I am, anyone’s likely to dish on my personal life. Though I can’t believe that I, Amelia Depp, would ever be chased by someone so ferocious and untamed. I finally stopped at a corner short of breath with Andrew out of sight. “Oh no!” I thought. I heard a big clickety clack down the hallway, which could only come from Andrew. He’s the only one who wears tap dancing shoes to school.
“Amelia, baby I want some sugar!” he called. Then before he was an inch near me the bell rang. Thank goodness! Andrew doesn’t take my geometry class so that’s good. It turns out this year all my classes are with the popular people so yay me and boo less cool. I sat down in my desk, put out my things and took out my LG Chocolate to check if I had any missed texts. Then some kid sat next to me, but I was too distracted by my phone to see who it was.
“Amelia!” a cool popular voice said.
“Macy!” I looked up from my phone to give her a luv ya! hug. Macy was my best friend for life. I’d always leave my phone alone to talk to her. As she twirled her golden, shiny hair around her finger I noticed something different about her hand. The lucky gold friendship ring that I gave her last Christmas was gone! “Why aren’t you wearing the friendship ring I gave you?” I asked, panicking.
“It didn’t go with my new Juicy Couture sweatsuit! I had to take it off!” she explained calmly. Macy can be a little selfish sometimes but she made a very good point. No wonder she’s the second prettiest, most popular girl in the whole school.
“Oh, by the way that reminds me,” she said eagerly. “I sent you a page long text message on Ring Garcy’s toe surgery. It turns out she got her foot to look just like Jennifer Aniston’s!”
“No way,” I exclaimed. Though sadly, before I got to check my LG, class started.
“Hey Amelia,” some guy whispered. I turned around to find out what he had to say.
“Our geometry teacher has five boyfriends. Pass it on.”
“Rreally?” I replied. He nodded so I told Macy, who told Gretchen, who told Lavar, who told me again so I could whisper it to someone else. It turns out I accidently whispered it to our geometry teacher. I didn’t realize because she was way younger than I thought she would be. I ended up in the principal’s office for an hour so I guess the rumor was true.
I was finally safe from Andrew at lunch because we hired a security guard at the popular table.
“Amelia!” Lavar yelled across the golden table. I turned my beautiful, silky-haired head. “I can’t believe you’re rreally poor and live in a mobile home but you’re keeping it a secret from everyone.”
“What?!?” I exclaimed. “That’s not true! I’m so rich that I swim in a bathtub filled with money!” Lavar just shook his head disappointedly and before I knew it, I was kicked out of the popular table. Then I was forced to sit at Andrew’s table because there were no seats anywhere else.
“I told you guys she couldn’t stay away from me,” Andrew snorted.
I felt like my stomach had just dropped into my foot if that even made sense. All I knew was that I felt horrible. These rumors had to be stopped and I had to know who was starting them.
I had waited after school for Macy because she’s usually my ride home.
“Phone,” Macy said flatly.
I give her my phone every single day to play or fool around with because her phone has supposedly been out for “repairs” ever since 2006. My phone is packed with old e-mails and text messages filled with gossip and the names of people that I secretly hate. I’m too lazy to get rid of them and it’s not like anyone’s going to analyze my phone or anything so I’m good.
Macy slammed the phone back into my manicured hand, and we drove off.
Once I got home to my Yamogoochi mansion and climbed up the silver painted stairs, I plopped down on my snow white canopy bed. I started to cry. My mom quickly rushed in my room and said, “What’s wrong, Cookie Bear?”
“People are spreading rumors about me again and it’s ruining my social life!” I wailed.
“Not again,” my mom said sympathetically. My mom is a very nice woman. She takes very good care of the house, even though we have more than enough money to hire a maid. She even understands me sometimes. Her grandfather discovered toothpaste, which is probably why we’re so rich.
“Maybe some girl is getting back at you for something,” mom said.
Mom was right, but who in my grade would want to get back at me? I never said anything bad about anyone. Well, except for those old texts, but no one would read those. “Mom, the only kind of bad things are on my cell phone but no one read those except for my cousins in Michigan.”
“Did you let anyone use your phone?” she tried.

“Only Macy uses my phone so then it must be… Ohmigosh, Macy!”

Then I remembered writing a mean text about her one day when I was rreally mad about something. Then I took out my LG chocolate to make sure. Yes, there was one text that said, Princess10: Omg! Macy is such a brat sometimes! She’s also weird!
I went to school the next day and found out it was Macy who had spread the rumors. She remembered reading my texts and sending texts from my phone. She wanted me to read the ones she sent, which is why she made up that story about Ring Garcy’s toe surgery. I never got a chance to read anything on my phone, though, because class started and I got sent to the principal. I was rreally mad at her but she explained how much she wanted me to feel the same pain that she had felt, so I forgave her. We promised to never say anything mean about each other again. I learned a very important lesson today and that’s to always delete your texts. And that rumors hurt.


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