Wildcat Strikes

March 18, 2011
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This friend of mine is similar to the animal, wildcat. Nobody understands what he is thinking at any given moment. He goes from happiness to confusion to happiness and back. He has a random spirited heart that shares the kindness from his joyful smile and unforgettable sound of laughter. People underestimate his ability to strike up a new scandal in the speed of a wildcat. When a rumor leaks out about him, everyone is sure to be talking about it. A wildcat may be hungry for meat and flesh of other animals, but he has a hunger for spotlight. It shows that craving in his everyday life when he makes sure everyone is either talking or thinking about him.

The freak of the night wanders in a clueless manner in the starry, dark midnight as he thinks about life and the obstacle courses he has to face. When he is at the campgrounds, his eyes are aware of his surroundings. When his friend is sitting on the deck with a broken smile, he promises to them that in the end, there is a perfect plan for her. As they look up a shiny, bright star twinkles proving that the promise will remain kept. As the wildcat lies to sleep, he dreams a dream of the name he must keep. He’s not a ghost; he’s not a phantom. For there will always be the wildcat, tagged along with his name.

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