Dancing with Freedom

March 13, 2011
By lucky7 SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
lucky7 SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
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Jasey sat in the tarnished bathtub she had become so familiar with and looked down at her legs. Bruises danced along her shins up to her kneecaps. They were colored a repulsive yellow and were beginning to turn purple. Her eyes shifted to her arms where a cut lived on her forearm. Like her legs, she had disgusting bruises playing from her elbow to her wrist. She looked away with a gag and began to drain the water. Downstairs the deadbolt unlocked, and she hurried to dry off and slip into her clothes.
Downstairs the monster waited. She knew what the night would bring. Luke had been out all day which meant that, more likely than not, he was drunk. He would wait for Jasey at the bottom of the stairs with an animal look in his eye. She made her way down the steps and met Luke there. She clenched her fists and waited for him to speak.
“Jasey Ann Morgan, why isn’t the dog fed?” Luke treated his dog better than he had ever treated Jasey. The dog lived like a king, and she was the slave. Jasey licked her lips and inhaled deeply.
“He finished eating, sir. I fed him, and he finished.” She sounded scared and naïve. This young sixteen year old stood only five foot, two inches, and weighed no more than one hundred pounds.
“The dog can’t eat that fast, you idiot. Do you think I was born yesterday, girl?” Luke clenched his teeth, and his jaw jutted out. Jasey knew this question did not require a response. She closed her eyes as Luke grabbed her arm, no doubt leaving fingerprint bruises. His nails dug into her innocent flesh, and blood surrounded his fingers, cheering him on. Luke yanked her up hard by the arm, and she heard her shoulder snap. Before the pain even registered, a cold hand met her warm youthful face. Tears gathered at the edges of her eyes, enraging Luke even more.
“How many times do I have to tell you not to cry? You choose to behave badly, and this is your punishment!” He muttered this through clenched teeth, and the blood from her arm kissed his elbow. At that moment, Jasey decided that tonight would be the night that she would be free. She stared Luke straight in the eye, and a smile played at the tips of her lips. His eyes widened, and this time, her jaw was met by the unforgiving blow of a fist. Her lip bled, and she licked the blood, thinking how it tasted like metal. The only thing that kept Jasey from tears was the thought that she would be out of here tonight. She peeked at the clock behind Luke, and the numbers read 2:30 am. Her eyes stirred back to Luke’s face, and she could see that his eyes were bloodshot, and he was confused. Letting her go, he went to the kitchen, no doubt for another drink. Jasey took the stairs two at a time and went to her room.
Jasey lifted her mattress and retrieved about two hundred dollars. She had been saving for this night for two years. She grabbed her backpack from her closet and stuffed it with as many clothes as she could fit. The door to Luke’s room slammed shut. Her heart leapt with hope, and she was ready to run. Jasey slunk down the stairs and looked back at Luke’s door. Before leaving this house for good, she one by one, smashed the beer bottles on the cement outside. Jasey marveled at the thought of being able to have freedom. She felt like a slave making a dangerous escape into society.
Jasey was free, and ready to fly. At the end of the street, she turned to look at her house, “You will get your punishment too,” she whispered into the ear of the summer night.

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