A Painted Song

November 12, 2007
Every man and woman in the audience admires the beauty of the grand piano. Its ornate qualities mirror the décor of the music hall. People sit in awe as they marvel the room. Murals painted by the most talented artists embellish the walls. Each handcrafted chair stately sits at attention as though it too is anxious to listen to the next musician. The people sitting in the chairs are dressed in their finest- ladies in sparkling evening gowns and men in tuxedos.

At once, the audience sees a young lady, modestly dressed, walk to the piano. She gracefully sits down. To the untrained eye, she looks calm and confident; however, a few people, proficient in her art form, wonder if they observe fright on her face.

This instrument is her blank canvas. The power to make the people cry, laugh, mourn, or rejoice is in her fingertips. Each note to be played is a stroke, like an artist’s brush. If the strokes come together, she will create a beautiful painting of emotion that each audience member will feel. The outcome relies solely on this pianist, young in age, but not in talent.

Her fingers touch the keys. She is ready to begin painting the most beautiful song. Slowly, notes fill the music hall. The acoustics are superb, and one can hear the sounds just as sharply in the back row as he can in the front. The music is mournful. It is as though the piano itself is crying. Every person listening cries along. This painting will express the pain and heartache of this world.

As the music becomes louder and more powerful, the young artist holds her breath. The depth of the piece builds, and her concentration increases. She strokes the keys and plays minor chords strongly. Abruptly, the music stops, and the audience is taken by surprise.

Then, softly, a sweet sound comes from the piano. The artist has changed the colors of her palate to joyful colors of life. A song of hope, of triumph, fills the empty spaces of the music hall. It is then that the audience clearly sees the picture the song paints. It is one of a perfect life, broken in some way. Some hardship has left that life mourning and desperate. Then, at some time, that life meets with hope and healing.

The song ends. Every person in the hall is stunned and remains quiet. Even the pianist sits motionless at her bench. Silence sits in the room for what seems like minutes. The young lady worries that her work has been a failure. Suddenly, the room thunders with applause. People rise to their feet and cheer wildly. Everyone smiles while tears stream down their faces.

“Bravo! Bravo!”

The artist is amazed and humbled. Not only did she play her instrument with the utmost precision, but she also managed to do what only the finest of musicians can accomplish - she painted a song that people can see and understand, one that can touch the emotions of the heart. She painted a song of life.

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