The Invisible Girl-Eating Monster

November 12, 2007
By tedi schmidt, Cleburne, TX

I feel a cold chill down my spine every time I pull into my long bumpy driveway. Its huge frame and large fossil rocks imbedded in the old house makes it look challenging. “The ancient haunted house on Buffalo St,” is what people knew my house by. The owls inscribed randomly at the top corners of the house makes you feel like someone is watching your every move. The huge oak trees that extend from the back yard and go on to tower over the street, look alive at night as they sway in the wind. As you walk into the house, you realize it has a homey feel, but by the presence of the outside, you wouldn’t guess it.
My house has a few abnormal things about it, such as we have a ton of cats that roam around our house, as if they were little spirits. My mom once told me some old lady died in our house. She never explained to me how she died; she said that part didn’t matter. My mom calls her Nancy, and she says she watches over our house. At night when I sleep upstairs in my chilling room, awaiting the visits of the supernatural that still roam our hallways, I sleep with my TV on, thinking the intense images of the screen will make them stay clear of my room.
One dull night, my friend Carly and I were pulling an all-nighter and watching the Austin Powers marathon on TBS, when suddenly there was a loud CLACK in my brother’s room. I knew my brother’s room was deserted that night because he was at his friend’s house; plus he’s scared to sleep by himself. I decided it was in my head, and it was just the old house snoring its nightly creaks. When you have an old house you learn to not let things get to you. But then CLACK, came the clattery clack behind the corridor. I looked at Carly, waiting for her to initiate a red alert warning and we both sprint downstairs to my parent’s room, but she just kept staring at the television. Then CLACK, it got louder as if it was crying out to me. At that moment Carly turned to me. As I awaited her to proceed with an “Oh my GOSH, did you hear that,” she just calmly asked if I would pass her the popcorn. I then got upset at her lack of awareness, and abruptly exclaimed, “Did you not here that noise?” She looked at me like I was crazy and replied by telling me it was in my head. I decided to give up and just watch Austin Powers dance in his crazy tie-dye pants.
Randomly, Carly turned towards me and gazed with confusion at the door behind me. Suddenly, her eyes got wide and her face went pale. My heart began to race, bumbum...bumbum, my hands went cold, bumbum…bumbum, and my mind began to race about what was behind me, bumbum. I finally got up the courage to ask what it was, and she belted out a burst of laughter. I was furious; I shoved her and proclaim her that she almost made me wet my pants. I finally found it humorous and started to laugh too. CLACK. We both stopped. I turned to the door behind me. CLACK. The door look like it was about to grow fangs and eat us whole. We slowly crept towards the door in hopes of catching our culprit. I felt like Nancy Drew in the Mystery of the CLACK behind the door. We debated for a while about what our plan should be. CLACK. Then without thinking I grabbed the handle and yanked it open. As we stared fearlessly into the black abyss of my brother’s room, I became no longer courageous. There was nothing there, no scary monster with 442 fangs, no spooky ghost snooping around, not even a little mouse scurrying across the floor, just a vacant black room. All of a sudden CLACK; I jumped and decided it was not a good idea to be out in the open so I sprinted to the bathroom, in between my brother’s room and mine. As I shook in fear behind the door, I realized Carly had followed me in there. Her hand and her cell phone were practically glued together, so she had brought it with her. I came up with a “bright” idea and stupidly threw her cell phone in the black abyss, hoping it would beam some light on our perpetrator. As it somesalted in the air, it reminded me of the Matrix during the slow-mo parts. As the cell phone finally hit the ground, it shut. We froze, as still as a statue; my mind went racing with what my next move should be. I abruptly said, “I am NOT getting it!” Carly glared at me, because after all, it was stupidity that got us in the situation. She swiftly flew into my brother’s room; as she entered a rattling noise started going off. She screamed and took off into my room; I followed in hopes of not getting attacked by the invisible creature. As I darted into my room, I tripped over my rug which sent me flying into my bedpost. We just sat there flabbergasted and terrified at what just happened. We decided it would be a good idea to sleep with the TV on loud, that way we could sleep peacefully through the night, knowing that the poltergeist won’t come near us.

To this day we still don’t know who or what was making the noise. We all have our different opinions of what it was, though. I think it was a raccoon on the roof. My mom thinks it was Nancy making her nightly cleaning inspections. My dad thinks it was in our heads. My brother got mad and told me that Santa Claus came early, but we scared him off. Carly, of course, still thinks it was a huge invisible girl-eating monster with bad breath. Well, whatever it was, it’s gone now.

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