Trick or Treat?

November 9, 2007
Have you ever been stuck in class when something fun is going on? Have you ever had to wait for something that you really wanted? Well then you kow how I, Rose, felt waiting for the bell to ring. It was torture! If I would have had to stay in that room for one more minute, I would have burst. Not kidding!
“I’m free!” I pleaded as I flew out the door. It was the weekend and I had only two hours before it started. I couldn’t wait until I got home. In two hours it was Halloween! After I got all of my things together, I ran as fast as I could to the bike racks. I undid my combination and hopped onto my bike. The only thing is that I had to walk it across school grounds! So I hopped off my bike and ran with it. Finally I got to the side walk and pedaled as fast as I could. I was one block from my house when I remembered that I forgot my math homework at school!! Could this day get any worse? I flew back to school and threw my bike on the ground, headed back into the building and grabbed my homework. This time I didn’t care if anybody was watching. I went right on my bike and pedaled (without stopping) straight to my house. I got home in five minutes. A new record!!
After I got home, I went to find my costume. But when I looked for my froggy costume, it wasn’t there! I looked everywhere for it but it, was nowhere to be found. There was only one person I knew to ask, and that was my older sister Roxie. She was the worst. I bet she took my costume! I stormed into her room without knocking (not a good idea.) Once I was in I, wailed, “You had better tell me where my Froggy costume is!”
Guess what she said back to me. It was the meanest thing because I loved my costume! She shrieked, “It is the ugliest thing I have ever seen, and get out of my room.” She threw it on the floor in front of me! I could have started crying right then and there but didn’t because she would have teased me. I took my costume back to my room and put it on. After about an hour of getting ready, I went downstairs to find my mom and dad taking pictures!! I hate pictures. Fifteen minutes of flashes in your face is not fun. It took me two minutes just to see again!! Finally the door bell rang and that was my cue to leave. There were about three kids at the door. I gave them their candy and I headed out with my own candy bag. Once I left I walked about two blocks to where my friends and I were going to meet.
We were about twenty minutes into our trick or treating when I saw a witch that looked all too familiar! I closed my eyes and hoped that I was in a bad dream, but when I opened up my eyes, there she was. My horrid sister was trick or treating in the same place as me! That was scarier than any costume could be! My knees were shaking and before I could do anything, she was about one block away and getting closer. As she walked up to me with one of her looks on her face, I thought to myself, “What am I going to do? For sure she is going to embarrass me in front on my friends.” Before I could think of how I was going to get out of this, she was about an inch from my face.
“What are you doing here? I told you never to follow me!!!” admonished my sister in a threatening tone. As she yelled at me, drops of spit were hitting my face like a meteor shower. All I could think of was that I didn’t need a shower at the moment, what I needed was a plan to get out of there! About five minutes later, she was finally done reprimanding me. One of her friends said that it would be fun to torture us, so she invited us to trick or treat with them. “No” would have come out of my mouth faster than the speed of light if I hadn’t had a brilliant thought. If I went with them, not only could I be with my friends, I could also humiliate my sister by acting and doing things that nobody would do (besides my sister). I would be so rude that she would have to get rid of us! My plan was brilliant and my friends thought so too.
We were about an hour into our trick or treating when we came up to the spookiest house in the neighborhood. The paint was all chipping, the deck outside the front door was falling apart, and the place was just a mess. Of course we had to stop in front of it to look (which I didn’t really want to do). Then my sister got this look on her face that told me nothing good would happen. It was then that her eyes glittered and she got an evil smile and started to nod her head. She looked right at me. Then she said what I hoped I would never hear anybody say. “I dare you to go up to that house,” she taunted. What could I do? I had no choice. She would make me go no matter what.
With a blink of an eye, I had no candy in my hand. “Go up to the house or you will never eat another piece of candy again,” she threatened. I had to go up to the house. I began to walk up the cracked and uneven sidewalk to the front door. With each step I could hear my heart beating. “I really don’t want to do this,” I thought on my very long walk up to the house. I was about ten steps from the front door when I looked back and saw my friends. They looked nervous. As I slowly walked up the deck stairs to the front door, there was an eerie creak. I reached the front door and lifted the big old metal knocker. With a bang, I dropped it again.
All of a sudden, I got sucked into the doorway with a great force. It was so dark inside that I could feel it surround me. I took two steps forward and stubbed my big toe. I let out a great yelp. I bent down to touch the thing that had hurt my big toe. When I pulled it up to my face, I could just barely see that it was in fact a flashlight! I flipped the switch and in an instant there was light. I could not believe this! I started to walk forward when I heard something hollow under my foot. I looked down to find a trap door.
Through the trap door was a staircase which led to a hallway with two doors. When I opened the first door, I could not believe my eyes! It was every kid’s dream – a room filled with candy! There were so many candy bars, gum drops, and suckers I didn’t know where to start. I got so involved, I lost track of time. When my stomach started to hurt, I realized I had probably eaten three pounds of candy and been in the house for at least a half an hour. I decided it was time to try the other door. Through that door was another door. I thought to myself that this was just a never ending hallway of doors but through that last door I was finally out of the house! Then I saw a sight that I thought I would never see - it was my sister, crying on one of her friend’s shoulders. I began to feel bad, but at the same time I felt kind of vindicated. For once she was the one crying and not me. But after about 30 seconds I couldn’t take seeing her feeling so bad, so I showed myself. As soon as I walked in to sight I got pelted in hugs! Even my sister hugged me! I couldn’t help but laugh! If only they knew that I had been in a room full of candy. But I wasn’t ready to tell them that yet – and they were blissfully happy to see me, they didn’t ask what had happened.
After that, we walked back to my house for pizza and soda. My friends and I ate, watched movies, laughed, and just had fun until we finally fell asleep. But just before I dozed off, I saw my sister tip-toe in to check on me. She leaned real close and whispered, ”Good night, brat.” I guess she really does care about me.

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