In Which Jesse Desperately Tries to Protect his Precious Beloved Guinea Pigs

November 8, 2007
By Jake Highleyman, Bellingham, WA

Jesse loved his guinea pigs. He had a big glass cage in his room that held his twelve precious guinea pigs. No matter what happened to Jesse’s guinea pigs, he vowed that he would do everything in his power to keep them safe. This oath, as it turned out, would be put to the test.
One night, around three in the morning, two masked figures entered Jesse’s room through his open window. As they tiptoed over to his guinea pig cage, Jesse began to stir. He lifted his eye lids lazily, thinking with a groan that it was morning already. He was not looking forward to getting up. However, he quickly realized that something was wrong. As Jesse looked around in a daze he caught a glimpse of a dark movement near his window. The soft padding of hurried feet, and then silence. Wait, silence? Jesse was use to the scratching and scrabbling of his twelve guinea pigs at all times. Confused, he turned on a light, and to his horror, where the cage should have been, there was nothing!
Then it dawned on Jesse like an anvil smashing down on his brain. The noises he’d heard must have been thieves. And now, and now, no it can’t be, now his guinea pigs were gone.
Adrenaline kicked in. Nobody, nobody, messed with Jesse’s guinea pigs. At a speed which would have shamed any Olympic sprinter, Jesse vaulted out his window and booked it out to the street. A solitary street lamp cast only a dim glow over the pavement, so Jesse could barely make out a large truck driving frantically away. Just as the vehicle was about to turn a corner and be out of sight, Jesse caught a glimpse of its illuminated rear end. The license plate read: GNI-PGS-STNK.

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on May. 21 2011 at 12:28 pm
bonzaibean SILVER, Brookline, Massachusetts
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very interesting idea, and well written


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