The Runaway Girls

November 6, 2007
“I am the beautiful Annabelle,” I yelled as I ran through the hallway in search of my pretty pink cake. My parents had specially ordered it from Russia, for my one and only thirteenth birthday. Or, as I say, the day when parents realize their child isn’t a baby anymore. As soon as I found my cake. I knew my father wouldn’t be lurking too far away from it. But I was wrong. He was no where to be found, which was very unusual because every year since I could remember, he would be around the corner of the kitchen trying to get a taste of my wonderful cake. Where was he, was the question pondering in my head right now. Why wasn’t he here for the most important birthday of my life? I mean, come on, turning thirteen is like the most exuberant day ever. You know you’re not a child anymore; you’re a teen.

After that day, the day I thought would be the best day ever, my life totally and completely got turned around. Here’s what happend. My dad and mom got divorced. If that's not shocking enough he moved out, and found a new girlfriend. I couldn’t believe it. He was being so selfish. How could he just go out and find a new girlfriend after this traumatic situation I was going through? Didn’t he understand what I was going through? Well of course not. No one can feel what someone is going through until it happens to them. Well, anyway, the divorce was going okay. My mom and I started to redecorate the house, so pretty much everything was back to normal.

All was normal as I said before, but then my grades started to slip. My parents started to get worried, because I stopped doing my homework, which wasn’t me. I’d always have my homework in on time even if I had to stay up late, unlike most kids. Since my parents never really had any time for me, I made a new friend. Her name was Lydia. I’d say she was the type of person that I was beginning to turn into. She knew what I was going through. Her parents got divorced just a year ago. Not long after that she stopped doing her homework too, instead she’d watch TV. But once my parents noticed my grades were slipping, they started to pay close attention to the people I was hanging out with.

Lydia and I hung out a lot at school, but never were aloud to go to each other’s house. Supposedly we came from two different worlds. My parents had strictly forbidden me to go to Lydia's house. They implied that she was poor, and I wasn't aloud to hang out with poor people. From my point of view we were from the same world. We both lived on earth didn’t we? It’s not like she was from Pluto, or something. So I didn't see what the big deal was, if I had more money than she did. One day when Lydia and I were talking, she told me her magnificent idea. Her idea was that we could runaway together to see the sites of New York. So I decided that would be a splendid idea. But I couldn’t just leave my parents. On the other hand, my dad just left me unexpectedly. Why couldn’t I just leave them? Before I left I wrote my mom a letter:

January 14, 2000

Dear mom,

Please don’t be mad at me for leaving. I just had to get away and have some alone time. Don’t worry, I’ll be just fine. I’m not alone. I took Lydia with me, so we could site see together. Please don’t be mad at Lydia either, she wasn’t the one that wanted to leave. I was. She just agreed to come along with me. Maybe while I’m gone, you and daddy can figure things out.
Also tell daddy I love him, and will be back soon. Please make sure you feed my turtle. Lydia and I should be back soon.



After I wrote my mom the letter, Lydia and I got on a plane and flew to New York. Sadly enough there was a respite, during the flight, so it took much longer for us to get there. When we got off the plane, I went and got my luggage. I saw this lady walking off with it.

“ Annabelle, calm down,” Lydia said, as I nearly knocked the lady out.

I was fuming. I couldn’t believe this person had the ignorance to just walk off with my luggage.
“ Lydia, how am I supposed to just stay calm when that person just walked off with my things?” replied Annabelle.
“ I know Annabelle, but you need to stay calm. Blowing up on other people isn’t going to solve your problems!” retorted Lydia.

“ I’m sorry I didn't mean to spaz out on you!” Anna apologized.

“It’s okay, just next time, think before you act all weird,” snickered Lydia.

Anna replied, “ I’ll think about that, next time.”

“ Let’s get going before it gets late,” interrupted Lydia.

The girls arrived at the hotel. As soon as they tried to check in. Annabelle noticed she only had enough money for them to eat for the next week or so. So the girls were forced to sleep on the streets. Their plan had started to crumble. Not more than two days after the girls had arrived in New York a police officer had come up to them and asked them where they lived, and why there were sleeping on the streets. Annabelle and Lydia thought they would be put in jail for running away. The police officer simply said that they would have to call their parents at the police station.

Lydia and Annabelle called their parents and they were so happy to hear from them. Annabelle's parents said they would be on their way to pick both of them up.

“Annabelle!” weeped mom.

I was so worried, about you. I thought you were gone for sure. Why didn’t you just ask me if you wanted to go on a vacation?

“I couldn't’ t ask you, because you would have wanted to come with me!”replied Anna.

“I just wanted to get away for awhile. That’s why Lydia and I went alone.” “I understand
You should have just asked me anyway. Well let’s just put that behind us now.”

I have some very good news for you. Your father and I have been trying to work things out. We’ve finally decided it would be best if he moved back in with us. So if we get home, you can go see him. Let’s go. Also, Lydia, just to let you know, I’m not mad at you. You are welcome to come to our house whenever.

“ I love my mom!” smiled Anna.

“ I love your mom too!” replied Lydia.

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