A Never Ending War

November 4, 2007
By Chrsitopher McEvoy, Discovery Bay, CA

On December 3rd, 2020 at 4:30pm, it was during rush hour traffic in the city of Los Angeles. Tom Livingston was a Los Angeles Fire Department Captain and also served in the United States Air Force.

His station, Engine Company 51, had received an emergency call of a gas tanker truck on fire on the interstate. Livingston and his crew jumped onto their engine and raced to the seen with their lights and siren blaring. As they arrived on scene, the gas tanker had just exploded. The fireball from the explosion shot hundreds of feet into the air. The smoke was extremely thick and the heat from the fire was extreme. The tanker blocked all the lanes of the suspended interstate and traffic backed up for miles. The interstate had over one hundred vehicle blocked by the tanker.

The tanker incident was only a distraction for the fire department and police department. The real problem was about thirty-seventy cars behind the tanker explosion. The real problem was several large semi trucks loaded with high-end explosives inside their large trailers.

It was about 5:20 pm and the heat from the tanker fire was beginning to melt the pavement on the intestate. The emergency personnel were afraid that the freeway might collapse. Worst of all, a minor earthquake had also struck causing the damaged freeway to shake back and forth, making it even more unsafe for the vehicle and people who were stuck on the freeway. The police began evacuating the interstate, trying to get all the people off before the interstate collapsed.

Then at 5:29 pm, the drivers of the semis loaded with explosives suddenly jumped out of their trucks and ran off the interstate. Suddenly a huge explosion occurred, the semis had exploded into an enormous fireball. The noise from the explosion could be heard all around Los Angeles. The freeway began to crack and then collapsed. The major artery into and out of Los Angeles had been destroyed. The City of Los Angeles was now on their own because help from other jurisdictions could not get into the city. You could hear the screams of people, the loud crashing noise, the smoke, and then it was suddenly all quite. The only thing you could hear were the air raid sirens and distant sirens from emergency vehicles.

Captain Livingston received a radio call indicating that the City of Los Angles’ Mayor had received a telephone call from a terrorist group claiming responsibility for the explosion. The wanted 100 million dollars in ransom or they would continue to blow up other portions of Los Angeles. The Mayor immediately called the Military.

The next day, Tom finally had a day off and was home with his family. He was outside speaking with his neighbor, Jeff Coleman, who works for the United States Navy. Jeff’s wife yelled from inside the house that the General was on the telephone requesting that Jeff respond to the base immediately. Tom also received a similar call ordering him to respond to the Air Force base. Tom and Jeff rushed to their respective bases to report for the emergency briefing.

When Tom arrived at the base, the General’s assistant who rushed him directly to the General’s office met him. The General told Tom that he had a stealth mission for him. Tom had to fire up his F-117 immediately and be ready to take off in 2 minutes. While he was starting his jet, he was informed that all west coast airports had been shut down and that the National Guard had been sent to close all the borders.

Tom, using his Air Force plane, and Jeff in his Navy F-116 had just taken off the runway. An emergency transmission was received by both planes. A 737 was headed directly for the center of Los Angles and would not respond to any calls from the military or the air traffic controllers. Tom and Jeff had also received a decoded message stating the terrorist had given the Mayor of Los Angeles thirty minutes to honor their hundred million dollar demand or the city would suffer the greatest disaster they world has ever seen. The military was able to track the jet to the airspace above Colorado. They both received another message that the terrorist claimed that the 737 was loaded with enough explosive to demolish the entire City of Los Angeles.

The fighters, flown by Tom and Jeff rushed to Colorado. They were able to get a visual site of the 737. When the 737 saw the fighter, it immediately made a swift turn and headed directly toward the Denver Airport. As the plane approached the airport, three subjects were seen parachuting from the airplane. The plane began to pick up speed and was heading directly for the crowded airport. If the plane struck the airport, it would be a devastating event. Tom and Jeff had a quick decision to make. Shoot the plane down over Colorado or let it strike the airport. They had only seconds to make that important and life ending decision. The radioed to the President to ask for a special clearance. The decision was made.

Jeff and Tom armed their missiles and were ready to fire them. They locked onto the 737, pushed the firing button and the plane was struck, exploding in the sky. The blast could be seen throughout the Untied Sates. The plane had been blown up over the Colorado Rocky Mountains, saving Denver and Los Angeles from the disaster.

The FBI was able to track the phone calls to the Mayor from the terrorists. A swarm of Federal Agents, Military and Law Enforcement rushed to the location of the terrorists. The terrorists had left minutes before they arrived. The danger of their threat was still alive.

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