I Don't Even Know

March 2, 2011
By , Your, PA
Remembering his arms around me made me sick. The scratches he left on my chest made me wince every time I moved. All I could think about was yesterday, I wish it never happened. Things like this don’t happen to me, these are the things you hear about only on the news. I trusted him.

“Ab, heads up!” I looked up at the exact moment someone snatched the tennis ball which was flying right to my face. Everyone stared as Ryan tossed the ball back to Andrew.

“You okay?” Ryan asked as he turned to me. I offered a nod and a fake smile, and then headed towards the bathroom. Gym usually isn’t my best class and with everything going on I really didn’t want to be here today.

“Mr. Hansen, what’s up?” I heard my gym teacher, Mr. Jacey say. When I heard his name my insides went cold. I turned around and he was starring directly at me. Mr. Jacey looked from him to me and back. In a whispered voice Jacey asked, “John, are you okay?”

Mr. Hansen ignored him and started walking towards me. The room was dead silent. I started backing up until I bumped into the bleachers.

“John! Stop it, you’re freaking us all out,” Mr. Jacey yelled and with that Hansen reached a gun and pulled it out of his pocket. Without hesitation he turned around and shot Jacey. There were multiple screams around the gym but I don’t know who they belonged to. One junior girl ran over to the injured teacher and started barking orders. I looked to Hansen and he was walking over, gun pointed right at her.

“Stop!” I took me a moment to realize I was the one who said it. He looked at me but still held the gun pointed at her direction. “Stop, you don’t need to hurt anyone else you just want me. You want me.” A smile spread across his face and he turned his attention back on me. The girl went back to barking orders. Others started to crowd around her and Jacey, while one kid ran to get someone. I was afraid Hansen was going to hear and open fire again but he didn’t. Hansen was a foot away from me.

“Kiss me,” he ordered. I didn’t realize tears were clouding my vision until now. I shook my head no which angered him. Putting the gun up to my head he ordered again, “Kiss me!”

Now the tears were streaming down my face, but I did as I was told. My stomach dropped and started doing flips. I felt sick. From under me, my knees shook as I stepped closer. His lips smashed against mine and hands tangled up in my hair. I finally pushed him off me and stepped back.

“I loved you Abigail. Why wasn’t I enough for you?” The cool head of the gun was jammed into my chest. He looked me straight into my eyes and said, “If I can’t have you, no one will.”

So this is how I’m going to die. All I could see through the tears were his eyes. I waited for him to pull the trigger. All of the sudden something hit me but not from the direction I was expecting. Pain seared through my head as it crashed against the floor. The last thing I heard before I passed out was screaming.

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