Slipping Away

March 8, 2011
By Shpun BRONZE, Southampton, Pennsylvania
Shpun BRONZE, Southampton, Pennsylvania
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The wind whipped me without pity as I hopped along in a mopy mood. I was in the valley near our house smelling the air for grass and herbs of the best quality, the least I could do to apoligize. My wife is wondering whether to leave me, my kids are paraniod now, and I am here in self pity. I walked towards the tree, the one my kids would run around and laugh and play, the one that improved my mood when I was down, the one I proposed to my wife at. The thoughts from earlier today crept into my mind. I went from blue to black feeling the terrible evil of the event. I was suppposed to be watching our latest leveret, young Tommy earlier today, and I was, until I dozed off. I woke up to see a fox eating from his corpse. I ran for my life from that terrible scene. I sat under the tree now with a bad mood still. Then I heard rustling as the wind blew once more. I took a deep breath, the last one I ever breathed. From the corner of my eye I saw a fox runing at me I Immediately turned and bounded towards the house. I was running faster than ever before, but it wasn't fast enough. I pushed my self and focused on my destination, my house. Then I felt it. The tearing of claws through my back as my heart stopped, as I gasped for air, as I felt life leave me. I yelled out my last words hoping my wife would hear me werever she was,
"I'm sorry!". Then I died.

The author's comments:
This is a piece meant to create severe emotion.

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