When She Let Go

March 8, 2011
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The crowd on the streets began to fade. The perfectly round bloody orange sun began to fall down below the horizon. Standing at the end of my street, I could just get a glimpse of the Big Ben as he attempted to watch the city. However unfortunate the sun was in it's eyes, blocking every sight possible.

I quickly snapped out of my observations just as a couple came to my little booth. The tourists are weak about souvenirs and always buy my postcards or something I swiped from another shop. But when the sun sets, business gets slow and I pack my stuff into a handy little case I found at a hotel room. My brother once asked why I stop when the sun sets. I couldn't believe his stupidity. It was obvious that on setting suns there is romance and on romance is a bunch of lovebirds roaming the streets of London. And everybody knows lovebirds are too busy with love to do business.

However today I stayed later and I was rewarded. My nice customers, a nice young couple from America, bought 3 souvenirs and 2 postcards! I was excited at the big accomplishment. And then of course my mother abruptly and rudely cuts off my next sale,
"Louis, dinner!" I thought to myself how my mother could be so rude. And anyway, I am out here working hard to sell these postcards and souvenirs, a big entrepreneur opportunity, and she rudely interrupts a possible client to call me to dinner? Tell me that's not ridiculous.

I packed my stuff, apologized to the costumer for the "wonderful" dinner interruption, and strode in the house. Yelling,
"A mother alright, I was in the middle of serving a customer for my entrepreneur opportunity and all you care about is dinner?" I slid into the chair and with her back still to me she replied,
"How then, please tell me, will you get the energy to make deals with those customers?"
"Oh, that's simple the customers GIVE you energy, they FUEL me."
"As I can tell they don't give you enough." my mother replied as I yawned.
"Anyway, what would you like for your birthday?" my eyes widened as I realized it was only two days away. And speaking of it, who would come? This was a complete disaster! I forgot my own birthday and have no idea what I want or who to invite!

I asked for a camera, a very expensive gift but a necessary one because for my postcards, I use a camera that I borrow from a friendly tourist. Last year I got a toy cashier and was disappointed. My business was serious and not made for play. And anyway you could barely fit a pound note in there let alone a bunch.

I stomped up the stairs and took a look out the window reassuring myself that it was summer and only a month of it is gone. Downstairs I heard my mother watch the television and heard a commercial about a new technology called a computer. That seemed like a curious invention. Soon I stopped paying attention and sat down to draw some more postcards.

Being an amazing artist, in school I was always asked to illustrate things and my drawn postcards sold well. But soon my mood interrupted my great deep focus. Without focus I drew like an average kid so, I decided to give up. I took out my box of pound notes and counted. Soon I realized that four years of business had brought me a whopping total three thousand, six hundred sixteen pounds. Currency was not my only kind of wealth. I was the most respected kid on the street with all my collections and stuff. I had many different kinds of useless things that people respected me for.

Soon after counting money and looking at my collections I retreated to recline on my chair at my messy desk. I thought of my invitations. I would invite the three Dinx brothers, and the others: Albert, Tom, Maren and Masten and not to forget Jack and Joe. I heard the television turn off as my mom went out to water her plants. I looked out my window, saw something interesting and picked up my binoculars. Through them I looked and saw a complete beauty. A girl in a window stood stroking a cat. Her long brown silky hair and green eyes made her irresistible to look at. She glanced up and saw me looking I clumsily dropped the binoculars and looked at my desk. I sure hope my mother didn't see me watching that girl, other wise I would have to handle questions and accusations. As of now I knew what I was going to do for the next few days.

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