The Schezoprenic Pop Princess

March 8, 2011
By kped3 BRONZE, Decatur, Illinois
kped3 BRONZE, Decatur, Illinois
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From pole dancing to smoking out of a bong, and still getting a youth leadership award, does this young starlet know how to teach kids right from wrong? Miley Cyrus has completely shown difference with celebrities these days or is Miss Cyrus repeating history? Recently Miley Cyrus has been compared to Lindsay Lohan and the new Britney Spears, but in this case she has created the new category of schizophrenic pop princess. Is this princess truly sorry for her acts of random craziness, or does she even know fantasy from reality??

Miley Cyrus has been acting on the hit Disney Channel Show, Hannah Montana for the past 5 years. She got her break from her country swooning father, Billy Ray Cyrus. In the show, she plays as Miley Stewart, who is a regular teen, but she also plays as the bubblegum, hit pop sensation, Hannah Montana. In her real life she performs at concerts as both Miley (herself) and Hannah Montana. The issue is she can’t establish were she wants to go in life. She wants to stay with Disney Channel for the money and the fans, but wants to rebel and be herself. As she makes the dramatic transition, she tears herself apart and tears herself away from loving 5 year old fans with the poor irrational decisions she has made.

Miley’s problems began when someone hacked into her email account and got provocative photos, these had leaked onto the internet; these were pictures of her and her friend kissing. Okay, here is the first issue, why would you take provocative photos of yourself, and secondly if you’re a celebrity on the rise to fame; NO!!! After everything was found, she said she was sorry for everything and was very disappointed in herself. Later on a few measly years later, Miley ran into the same problems with Vanity Fair. She again took provocative photos. Many people believed these photos were very inappropriate for someone who is supposed to be and idol to 5 year olds, but she then reminded the press that Hannah Montana was the idol, not Miley Cyrus. She has said sorry many times before, but does she want to be seen as Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus? Does this young starlet have schizophrenia?

Many parents and children had later on a few years after the Vanity Fair incident viewed in to the Teen Choice Awards in 2009. She was becoming the good girl gone bad. She had debuted her new single “Party in the U.S.A.” she walked out onstage with a new piercing, a tattoo, and hardly any clothes on and to top it all off, pole dancing. The audience should have been highly disturbed. As I was viewing this, I was frightened. MILEY IS THE NEXT BRITNEY!! What the hell is wrong with her?! She can’t decide to whether to be the inspiring pop princess of Disney Channel, or whether she wants to be the crazy, idiotic tight leather wearing, dumb retired celebrity. None of those parents want their children watching one of their idols dancing on a pole?!

After she had made her new song debut, Miley was ready to make a movie debut in the movie The Last Song. Miley was so happy that filming was over with and so energetic, she gave her producer a lap dance! This came to media’s attention and it was not very well liked. Miley can’t handle being professional in the work place at all. This has an impact on all the kids out there, because when they grow up and get jobs will they be giving their bosses lap dances? After this incident she went back to filming Hannah Montana and was perfectly content with everything. She had seemed to completely forget what had happened. She does seem schizophrenic. To all the parents, how would you like your children to finally get a job at McDonalds, and end up giving their manager a lap dance, then acting like nothing happened and they don’t understand why they had got fired? It would be hard adjusting your kids to the real world and not the Miley Cyrus world.

Later in this year Miley celebrated her 18th birthday. She like any other teen was overly rejoiced and ecstatic that the day where she turns adult was finally here. 5 days after Miley had he awesome 18th birthday party, she had another party with friends. Miley and her friends were smoking Salvia. Salvia is a legal drug in California, which is okay, but how does this affect her fans? How would the parents of these kids feel? Would the parents like to see those kids smoking pot in the near future, and they ask why, and the kids simply say “Hannah Montana did it, and she was okay, so I’m doing it.” The parents of those kids would be furious. If you let your kids watch Hannah Montana OR Miley Cyrus, something is truly wrong with you. They could become the next schizophrenic!

In a wrap up, Miley Cyrus isn’t the best idol for kids. She may have won awards, but experience makes a person who they are, and her experience and past isn’t so great. She can’t even decide who she wants to be!! She has made dramatic flips in life and is soon unstoppable!! Please keep your kids from viewing the schizophrenic pop princess. She makes them create alternate lives and worlds, like A boy may like her and call himself Bucky Kentucky, or Alexis Texas. Don’t do it or beware!

The author's comments:
This is a Satrical Essay I had to do for my composition class and I did it on Miley Cyrus.

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