March 5, 2011

The small, squirmy human ran towards the cat. The cat, sensing that it was about to be picked up or have it’s tail pulled, scampered off. The small human chased after it. The cat, finding no other place to hide, dashed off towards the open back door, the human in close pursuit. Desperately, tail lashing, it searched for a place to hide. The gaping black cellar door that the tall, friendly human had gone through just a few minutes earlier caught it’s eyes. Then it took off, frantic with the desire not to be caught. It reached it’s destination and plunged into the darkness. The human looked and found they had lost the trail. Disappointed, they turned and went inside as the cat settled down for a nap.

A few hours later, the cellar door was closed and the square of fading daylight over the cat’s head vanished. The cat woke shortly after to find it was in total darkness. It climbed up the steps to the door and yowled. Nobody came. The cat didn’t like the cellar. It was cold and dark and wet, and the cat was getting hungry. It curled up on the nasty damp floor, and fell into a dreamless sleep.

Chapter 1: The cat.

Awake. Now awake.

Food? No food.

Ready to leave now, how I leave?

People words? Who? Not me-voice, new voice comes from dark.

Dark-voice talk human.

Ancient human.

Barely human.

Know these words coming from dark-voice. Make sense.

Dark-voice close.

Dark-voice coming closer.

Dark voice told me name. Dark-voice call itself funny word.

Dark voice call itself ‘Demon’.

Like Demon. Demon keep me company. Demon tell me things.

Demon not give food.

Do not like Demon.

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