Sole Tree

March 3, 2011
I pass by the same tree every day. When you first see it, you would think it were one, but it is not.
There’s one tree, living and flourishing and another hugged to his side. The hugged tree couldn’t stand on her own anymore. She was once also a standing tree, but she fell. She couldn’t support herself. This tree is tired and sleepy. She wishes she could just fall and take an eternal nap, but she cannot.
The neighboring tree knows that, yes, he could just uproot himself and watch the tired tree fall, but he doesn’t. He watched her fall and just stood. He watched. He ran to her side and just stood. He raised his strongest branches at the top and he crinkled his eyes, waited and watched. He watched. He prayed, asking to “Whoever-is-in-Charge” to please let her fall in his arms.
She didn’t. She fell through his strongest and thickest of branches. He felt the pain but prevailed. He needed to be there for her. He waited and watched. With his eyes tightly shut, he watched. The falling tree had stopped.
As impossible as it may seem, she was now intertwined with him. His lightest of branches, the weakest, had taken hers and pulled her. He hugged and hugged until they became one. One soul. A box of secrets, two kindred souls, now one.

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