Just a Thought

February 26, 2011
Have you ever stopped and thought about what your worries are?
I bet you children in school are thinking about that upcoming Social Studies test, and I bet the adults in the corner over there are stressing over their job, whether or not they will get that raise.
These problems seem so big and troublesome, but they are just part of "our world".
In our world, we are selfish people. We always think about ourselves. Whatever we are doing at that moment is all that matters, and we linger on that moment for a little while, but then we forget about what was troubling us later. And guess what? It rarely bothers us again.

But see, these petty worries are nothing to the others around you. You might be worrying about what your boyfriend or girlfriend will say about your new haircut, but somewhere in the world, a child in a third world country is dying.

Right now, someone is dying.

There are millions of "our worlds", and we rarely step outside them. It's a pity how few people can say that they have really stepped inside another world. No, I am not talking about telepathy, I am simply saying:

Show some compassion.

Ah, but this is Just a Thought, from someone living in her own world.

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