February 26, 2011
"Ha ha! Jack, I bet you can't catch me!" said the younger of the two. In the middle of an open field two boys played "army" together, each holding a toy gun. The younger, James, ran into the trees bordering the clearing, waiting for Jack to find him.
"I betcha I can! BAM! BAM!" said Jack, mimicking a real gun. Jack followed James into the trees, searching but not finding the boy. He walked the perimeter of the of the clearing, searching, and finally found James huddled under a bush.
"I told you! He-he!" Jack said. Tired, he sat down under the brush next to James.
All of a sudden, while peering from under the brush, the boys saw some rocks fall mysteriously into the clearing, making soft sounds.
James jumped. Jack, being the oldest, felt it was his duty to protect his friend, and went to investigate. But curious James followed close behind.
In the middle of the clearing, back to back, the boys glanced around but saw nothing.
Then, a man in uniform and boots, holding a real gun, stepped out from the trees, a smile on his face.
He said nothing as three other men surrounded him.
Jack stood defensively in front of James, facing the soldiers boldly. At only the age of 11, he knew much about these soldiers. Living in Germany just after WWII was not fun, as there were many Nazi posers hoping to carry on the tradition. All four men wore dark green uniforms, a swastika on one of their arms. Seeing the fear in the Jame's face, they only grinned wider.
For a few nerving moments they stood in silence.
From way high in the trees, bullets started circling the boys, causing both of them to jump. The men stood watching, clearly enjoying it.
James screamed.
Jack lost it.
Jack charged at the men, yelling at them, telling them to cease fire. The men seemed unfazed.
Jack heard something hit the ground next to James. Not a bullet.
A grenade.
Jack tried to push James out of the way, but he couldn't move fast enough. The grenade went off.
James had a confused look on his face, a look of pure innocence.
The trees witnessed a burst of fire, Jack witnessed James' head separate from his body, blood hitting the trees in large amounts. A horrible stench filled the air. Jack was left speechless.
Jack could hear the men stand next to him. He could hear the click of their guns as they fired at him mercilessly.
What did Jack care? Soon, he would be playing with James again. And that was all that mattered.

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