when spring fades

March 3, 2011
Spring comes than goes. When spring dies apart of me dies with. The sorrow that dies within your soul when spring is gone. Oh why must spring die! Deep within peoples eyes will they truly experience the joys of spring. Why must people ignore what beauty is in front of your eyes. People don’t truly enjoy spring as others do. It is quite sad really for when I was a little girl I always thought people had enjoyed spring more. I like all of the seasons but spring is my favorite because of the beauty it brings. It also brings me great joy to protect this benevolent beauty. Why must spring stray!? I always use to think spring was like a beautiful stain glass window. Now people treat it like a dilapidated house. To people spring no longer exists in the eyes of people. It doesn’t need to be in oblivion. Its more than just a season for me. It’s a salvation for me. I only wish that people had the same types of view as me. When spring dies apart me dies with it. Nature is a beautiful thing in itself. Spring makes the world so beautiful it makes me feel like I could beautiful with it. If only I was a beautiful as spring day or even a spring evening when the moon is glowing.

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