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February 25, 2011
By Wonderlocks SILVER, Orlando, Florida
Wonderlocks SILVER, Orlando, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"To die is an awfully big adventure" ~ Peter Pan

Part 1. (Girl friend)

The words scream at me from the page,
Like a slap in the face,
A does of reality long over due.
It makes me cry for life,
Even though life is hardly worth living,
And hardly worth crying over.
My heart screams in protest,
As I read on.
Death is written all over the page.
But still I read on.
I read the note.
The death note that was supposed to be mine.
But it wasn’t.
It was yours.
It’s the only thing I have left of our friendship…er relationship.
This pain I feel.
It’s unlike any pain I’ve ever felt.
It’s a wordless pain, only suffered alone.
And I am.
Not your pain so I don’t care about how you feel.
Don’t act like you could ever even try to understand.
It’s not a feeling. More like a reaction. A reaction due to withdrawal.
Withdrawal of you and your unconditional love.
A pain that feels like someone sawing off all of your pieces with a pair of rusted scissors.
Outcast into the cod cruel world.
But it doesn’t matter any more. Nothing does.
We were one.
And now as I waste away in my outer shell of materalistic beauty,
I faintly remember that we loved pain.
Cutting stings, breaking bones, a sharp stab and then nothing.
But unlike then, no amount of pain meds could make this feel better.
Is this how you wanted me to remember us?
Us in pain?!?!
Us… well I guess it’s just me now.
You gone. Right?
Away from this h$l*hole we called home.
Like you care anymore.
Anyways, whatever. *Sniff*
I’m just anobody.
Well. You were too. Does that mean you’re entitled to be my guardian… whatever?
I only wanted to end my pain.
And then my stupid sister walked in on me.
She didn’t understand. I said that you ran away.
Neither did that fat elephant called a “counselor”
She doesn’t get me .she’s always giving me the “look”
You know the one kids get when they do something ‘naughty’ after something bad happens.
The I-feel-realy-bad-for-you-so-I’m-going-to-forget-that-you-did-anything-bad Look.
Whatever. Screw her.
And screw you.
You promised.*sobs*
You promised you wouldn’t leave me you f%c#tard!!!
I need you. I only did what I did because I saw you with that tramp Prissy Krissy.
I can’t believe you actually kissed that STD practice dummy.
How could you?!?!
I loved. I still do. but you … you f#c@wit. I hate you now.
So! I hope you enjoy h3l baby. I hear it’s nice. I hope you could forgive me someday.
I truly didn’t mean to saw you into that many pieces.
‘sides *sniff* you always liked sushi.

XOXO baby.

Part 2. (boyfriend)

D@mn that b!t#h.
D@mn that b!t#h to the deepest bit in…wait never mind let her suffer.
All I ever did in life was tell her I loved her.
But then I saw her with that STD dummy Sean.
How could you do that to me baby?
That hurt.
Hurt me more than you’re hurting now.
And you expected me not to kiss krissy back?
Dude!! that chick has got top and bottom.
Well… you did too but at least she wasn’t a psychotic b!t#h who chopped me into f$c%ing sushi bits.
You knew I hated sushi. but it’s not like you asked me that.
Looking at you now ,baby, I feel the tiniest bit sad for you.
But then I remember that you F&C%ING CHOPPED ME INTO BITS!!!
I know it hurts baby.
Well maybe I would be there holding you or drying your tears.
But wait!! I remember!!!
you stabbed me to death and then you chopped me into bits!!
you schizophrenic b!t%h!!!
But I can’t hold a grudge against you baby
As much as I want to,
I still love you.
As crazy as that I do,love.
Wonder what would have happened if you weren’t a schizophrenic b!t$h.
We would have been high school sweethearts,
Gotten married,
Had kids.
You would have been a fashion designer, and I would have taken that football scholarship.
We would have lived in that house you wanted on Main Street.
But now none of this is ever going to happen.
I watch you now. More than ever.
I follow you around.
Too bad you cant see me.
I fill your head with fear and hate.
I fill you dreams with nightmares.
I make chills go down your back as you look at that one empty desk next to you.
D*** your sister for walking in on you.
Yeah baby I made you do that.
I make you do a lot of things.
And I make you feel pain every day.
But don’t worry sweetheart we’ll see each other soon…
But first… a little revenge.
You never like to cut with me, now you can’t stop.
You never liked it when I cranked up at football parties, now you’re a known customer.
Don’t worry honey, driving drunk through a railroad track, walking out of the car and down the track is okay.
But don’t worry at three there’s no way any train goes through there, well now there is.
Oops!! My hand slipped
I didn’t mean to push you down on the train track.
opps!! Is that the train now? Well what’d you know it is.
Wow. Now you know what it feels like to be put into pieces.
As your scream fills the empty valley below, I forgive you.
As your body becomes just a shell ,I love you more than ever.
Now we can really be together forever.

I wait.
I wait to see your smile.
And your pretty eyes.
To hear your laugh.
To feel your body next to mine.
And now as the sun rises over the hills I see your spirit come out and your smile’s there.
Now we can cause destruction and pain anyway we go. But first…
To get rid of Sean…

Part 3. news.

Headline news:
Teenager Michael Gold was found today dead.
Police reports say he was found in a black garbage bag outside of town. An insider says he was –literally- chopped into little bits. Bones and all. This is channel 4 with your breaking news.

All-star athlete straight A student Michael Gold was found today at about 2:39 pm by The Old Well five miles outside of town. Authorities say that Michael was in tiny “sushi” bits in a black trash bag a little bit away from the old well. On top of the well was a rusted chain saw that is said to be the murder weapon. Also about ¾ of the way to the woods on the northwest side of the well authorities found foot prints and animal tracks ,that specialist are saying, belong to a mountain lion. But zoologists are saying that if the mountain lion did kill Michael, his bones would still be intact and his skin would be shredded. The scissors and other evidenced found at the scene are being analyzed by the best of the best. Michael’s parents said “we want to do whatever it takes to find that sonofab@$%h who did this to him.” For more on this case stay tuned all this week for more info and more….

Headline news:
Teenager Brooke Hill was found dead today. Police reports say she was run over by a 3’oclock train. This is channel 4 with your breaking new. Stay tuned for more on this case.

Three time national cheerleader captain and straight A student Brooke Hill was found this morning at about 4:39 a.m. she was reported by a home owner who lived in a cabin in the forest behind the tracks. He said “I was out walking my dog and when the train went by we heard this loud piercing scream. It sounded like some one was in pain so we-me and my dog- rushed over towards the tracks and found the girl cut in half across the tracks, blood oozing out of what was left of her intestines. And her eyes open staring above her head. Weirdly enough she was smiling and she looked like she was about to say something. As soon as I found her I called 911.”
Authorities say that it may have been a suicide act. But when we talked to her fellow cheerleaders we found different.
“she never was depressed. In fact she looked down on those who were and said that if any one of us committed suicide she would say at our funerals that we were too weak to take on life. But she was just kidding mostly. But on serious notes she pitied those who did commit suicide. She said they were weak and they self-pitied themselves too much.” said Brittany Wells. Another teammate said
“If Brooke was depressed the rest of us are dead. As a student she was all A’s. as cheerleader she was the best and if our team lost she would cheer just the same. As a friend/sister she was the person you went to go talk to. –sobs-she was the happiest person I’ve ever meet. And I’ve been cheerleading with Brooke since we first walked.” Said Samantha Rowlock.
For more info on the Brooke hill case stay tuned at six o’clock for more details as to what other students had to say about this shining star.

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