Fallen Angel {Part 2}

February 25, 2011
By Lost.Girl.14 GOLD, Holyoke, Massachusetts
Lost.Girl.14 GOLD, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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Halloween night was finally arrived; the streets were covered in a blanket of leaves. The man in the white suit was shining his soul extra bright. No cloud was in sight to darken his soul. Little monsters were running around, scaring others and collecting sweets. Near the end of the street, a house stood in the land of the dead. All around the house were headstones; some broken and old, some were brand new and young. In this house, damaged from the horrible claws of time, there were 3 black figures cluster together. In front of them, there was a few small mountains of sweets of all colors of the rainbow. In the fireplace, the logs were being drained away by the fury h*** flames.

One of the black figures was Ace, dressed up as a zombie, his side was bitten off. Amy was next to him, dressed as a witch with nasty green skin and yellow contact lens. Next, there was Jack, who is Ace’s best friend since the 2nd grade, dressing like a vampire. He wore the pale make-up and had the cheap fake fangs alone with the black cape. Ace couldn’t stop thinking about Sypher as he grabbed one of the sweets, popping it into his mouth. Jack and Ace started to joke around, trying to scare Amy but, she was as tough as rock. Amy got up and went into the kitchen where the cooler was sitting in the corner alone.

The kitchen was covered head to toe in spider webs, broken floor tiles and gave a creepy feeling. The blue cooler stood still as Amy made her way to it, making cracking sounds echo. She can hear the boys laughing and eating all her sweets. She opened the cooler, grabbing a can of soda when she saw something hidden. Behind the cooler was a small hole; in the hole was a piece of paper sticking out.

Amy reached out and grabbed the paper, it felt rough from time. Slowly placing her soda down, she unfolded the paper, wanting to see what it is. It was a black and white photo of a 1930s family. There was a woman in a white dress, standing next to the woman in a black dress. Her eyes widen when she stared at the woman in the black dress. There has to be a mistake! There’s no way this can be true! Her mind was spinning around fast; her hands were shaking. Slowly, she placed the photo in her pocket. Her lips will be sealed about this until she can figure all of this out without Ace knowing.

Shaking as she grabbed her soda, going back to the boys laughing. Her eyes were still wide, making the boys worried. She just nodded but, a plan was forming in her head. She was going to expose this creature to the world or at least to Ace and Jack.

It’s been a few weeks that Amy was acting very strangely, more strange than usual. Ace saved her spot on his lunch table but, Jack took it before he could stop him. He was whispering into his ear about a rumor going around.

“Dude, I swear it’s like everywhere! People are saying that this Drake guy asked Sypher on a date! The girl is freaky but, hot…..There’s even a fight going down between him and some other guy. Anyway! Want to see it with me?” Jack grinned.

“She did ask me to come…..just in case things got ugly. So….sadly, yes I’ll be there, I guess.”

“Sweet! Anyway, is it me or is Amy freaking out over something she saw or whatever last Halloween?”

“Jack, just leave her alone. Let her just figure out what she’s going to do, okay?”

“Fine….You owe me a d*** ham and cheese sandwich!”

Ace groaned, it was bad enough that Sypher found someone else and now he owes Jack a sandwich. Sometimes he wanted to just shove Jack into a package and send him far away to the North Pole. Though, it was strange that Amy kept on going to the library and always staring at Sypher. The 6th block bell ringed and a mighty river of students formed. They followed into the hallways; Ace spotted Sypher with a man dressed in black.

As Ace came closer, he could see more of this man’s features. He was a few inches taller than her; his eyes were an amazing green color that look like jewels. His hair was pretty look; a skater-boy hair cut that cover one of his jewel green eyes. His sweater, shirt, pants, and shoes were pitch black and plain. Hidden under his sweater, Ace can slightly see a black leather collar with some spikes all around it. This guy must have been made from God himself, Ace thought as he watched carefully.

Sypher was smiling, making his heart beat faster and his focus go blurry or lose. She walked up to him, hugging him softly as her skin was icy cold as usual. He looked at the man, saying hello in a nice way but, his feelings weren’t nice. His emotions were going crazy; he loved Sypher but, this man was different. He felt angry and jealous towards him as soon as he said his name. This gothic boy or guy was “Drake” the guy who asked Sypher to a date and was going to fight some mystery guy.

“Hello….You’re Ace, right? Sypher talks about you a lot.” She smiled softly while Drake was talking in a normal voice.

“O-Oh really? Well….We are good friends. Isn’t that right, Sypher?” Ace looked to Sypher, trying not to blush.

“Mhm! I can trust Ace with my true thoughts and feelings. Though….I can tell Amy hates me.”

Drake quickly looked at her; his eyes darken as he spoke. “Who’s Amy?”

Ace sighed and looked at Sypher, talking in a soft tone. “Amy doesn’t hate you. She’s just interested, I think….”

Ace could tell that nice Drake was gone now. His eyes were cold and dark as if they were coal instead of jewels. As soon as Drake was about to speak, something caught his eye; a black figure the same size as him. Ace’s eyes grew wide; the black figure was Chris, looking exactly like Drake. They wore the same clothes, hair style and the same jewel eyes.

Drake grinned slightly as Chris said hello to Sypher but, ignored him. Chris growled low but, it was enough for Ace to hear. Sypher gave him a hug and kissed his cheek softly, making him blush a little. She smiled as she took Ace’s hand, whispering in his ear “We are going to be late for class.”

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