March 2, 2011
By YourDarlingDear BRONZE, Cadillac, Michigan
YourDarlingDear BRONZE, Cadillac, Michigan
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“Blueberry ones are better!’

"No chocolate chip”


“Chocolate chip!!”

This argument could go on forever between Trevor the blueberry boy and John the chocolate chipper. They both work in the muffin factory in Muffinland, best muffin corporation since 1925.

These two were the best of friends. Yet always arguing about the muffin flavors, that was until Fudge muffin Megan got into the middle of it! She always one, I mean who doesn’t like the fudge muffins?

So like any other normal day they argued and fought about which flavor was better. Well, it was a normal day, until the queen of Muffinland entered the factory. The queen of muffinland is not married to the muffin man, yet she is his sister’s, daughter’s, cousin’s, mom’s, uncle’s, niece’s, step-sister’s, dad’s, aunt’s, best friend’s, niece, but she goes by the name of Muffinz! Somehow she inherited the crown after the muffin man’s fateful tragic accident.

She slowly waltzed into the factory with a dreaded worried look on her face. You could tell there was something very bad happening, or about to happen. The smell of freshly baked warm muffins filled her nose and surrounded her in a fog of happiness. The factory went silent as she slowly walked in. It was so silent you could have heard a chocolate chip hit the floor.

She spoke with an adoring voice that seemed to hypnotize you, It was so alluring that it could probably stop traffic in New York if it needed to. So she began,” Faithful workers of this fine establishment, Kyle the Cupcake King has recently escaped from jail, looks like the twizzlers didn’t hold as well as we thought they would. Yet never the less we need to stop him! He will try taking down our factory. The fate of muffin land depends on it. So can we bring him down?”

“YES!” chants everyone in unison.

“Good” exclaims the queen

So she left just as quickly as she came with the same perfect walk, it seemed as if she were floating. Yet this time as she turned her back to walk away, there was something different bout her, a less confident, more worried look, and that’s what scared them the most. When she finally left and the door slowly drifted shut with a loud creaking noise, the second that door latched shut the silence was broken. The roar of many voices and small panicked squeaks from the little purple munchkins was an almost ear bleeding sound.

When they all calmed down it was a scary day for all in the factory. Yet there was no attempt of break in from Kyle The Cupcake King. As they packed up their stuff and got ready to leave the factory that evening, that’s when the alarm sounded, it was an eerie sound. It was a low toned hoarse noise that filled your head with terrible thoughts, until the adreneline took over. The munchkins ran in cirles yet their little legs made them look so slow. When they saw the pink and green spandex suit they all froze.

He was fast yet when he stood still a sense of anxiousness came over all the little munchkins, so they take off saving themselves. They’re little purple bodies flood out of the factory’s large metallic doors.

The only ones left in the factory are fudge muffin Megan, Blueberry boy Trevor, Chocolate chipper John, Kyle the Cupcake King, and his evil sidekick, Sprinkle Boy Steven.
They all stop and stare at the two evil villains. Then Kyle breaks the cold dead silence,” You guys think muffins are so great don’t you?”

“well yah.” The frightened workers reply in weak cowardly voices.

“Well your wrong!”

“No we’re not! We have muffin pride! Cupcakes are so over-rated!” fudge muffin megan says powerfully.

“ppsshhh,,, cupcakes are delicious”

“well your jus-“

“SHUSH! Be quiet I don’t want to hear from you!’ so be quiet and nobody gets hurt! You understand?” Kyle interrupts in an aggressive tone.
The factory goes silent again.

“good now follow me”
So the three faithful workers cautiously follow the two evil men through the cold empty factory. Until they came to a stop. They’re standing in the center of the wide open factory. Where the muffins sit on a belt waiting to be packaged. Kyle whips out a gun and the three workers gasp in fear.
Kyle laughs and begins to speak again.

“It’s just a frosting gun! These plain muffins can easily be converted into cupcakes with some icing and sprinkles.”

“This is your big evil plan?” asks fudge muffin Megan.

“Well yah, then I will take over my sister’s factory and island, this will be a cupcake factory and Cupcake land.”

“Wait, Sister???” asks John

“Why yes, Muffinz is my sister” Replies Kyle
They all looked at him in disbelief, too speechless to say anything.

“Well no more talk of the past, lets get started” Kyle shows them how to use the frosting gun and megan starts applying the frosting to the poor muffins. Next John is taught how to apply the sprinkles while John and Megan begin working Kyle and Steven leave to plot what’s next.

Trevor jumps up saying’ “I have a plan! I have a plan!”

“Well what is it??” asks the two hard at work. Trevor runs over to them whispering and perfecting their plan to save the factory. When the two evil men return, it’s time to put the plan to use.

The two walk in talking about the plan to take over muffinland until they realize Trevor is missing.

"Where's the other one??" Kyle screams in a bold demanding voice.

"What are you talking about sir?" asks megan

"There was another one, a boy, brown hair, braces, kind of crazy looking."

"I don't know what your talking about, there were just the two of us, ar you okay Mr. Cupcake?"

"Yes I'm perfectly fine!"

"well pretty soon you wont be" John threatens.
At that moment Trevor shows up with a gun full of chocolate chips, Megan gets her game face on and faces the icing gun at Kyle Cupcake too. John grabs the extra strength twizzlers and ties steven to a candy cane chair. Trevor gives John a blueberry gun. They have Kyle cornered with no way to escape.

They stand staring at Mr. Cupcake for what seems like hours as he tries to create a plan to escape. He begins to run so they open fire, John slows him down by shooting blueberries in his bath, as the squishy blueberries splatter against the white tile floor Kyle gets covered in blue spots making his spandex suit look like it has polka dots now. Kyle begins to run faster so Trevor shoots him down with his chocolate chip gun. Kyle trips on the chocolate chips and hits the wall with a painful sound.

Megan begins spraying him with the thick pink buttercream frosting and Kyle is stuck to the cold wall. So stuck he cant budge.Kyle begins yelling in anger so John shoots a blueberry in his mouth with a popping sound Kyle goes silent.

The three workers high five and cheer in happiness for they have saved the muffin factory and the fate of Muffinland. Muffinz the Muffin Queen grants the three wonderful citizens of Muffinland with keys to the city and thanks them over and over again for the great accomplishment they have done.

Muffinland is safe.

The End.

The author's comments:
A story written a few years ago. :)
it still makes me laugh to read it.

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