Wingless Angels

March 1, 2011
By Jenna2011 GOLD, Lafayette, Indiana
Jenna2011 GOLD, Lafayette, Indiana
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The holy day is among us and all of the angels are preparing to gather in the Refuge place. We are all very eager for the starting hour to come upon us but it feels to be a great distance away. We wait and wait as patiently as we can, but it is quite hard as I am sure you understand. When a day is as special as this one is then it is nearly impossible to keep your patience and go about your regular routine.

I arrive at the place of Refuge a little bit early. Well, maybe more then a little bit early but when you anticipate this day for a whole week, you try your hardest not to appear a day in advance. As I drift into the room, I can hear angels upon the stage plucking at random on the chords on their guitar while waiting for the other instrument angels. We all have our area of ministry and the instrument angels each have a calling towards a different instrument. There are also angels who have a specialty in singing; quite literally, they have the voice of an angel.

As I look around the room, I notice several other angels had the same idea as I and have arrived early. I spot one of the assistants in charge of this Refuge place and I head over to take the empty seat alongside her. As I draw nearer to her, she calls out a pleasant “Hello.”

“Good day,” I reply. “How are you this fine holy day?”

“I have been doing well and how about you?” she asked.

I pondered how to answer this question. So much had gone on this previous week that I could tell her. Although, telling of all that has happened would just bring down my spirits and I would hate to do that this special day. Then again, I cannot lie. Therefore, honesty I shall speak.

“I’ve been quite busy and stressed but I am ready for this holy day to unwind and focus on the true meaning of it all.” after telling her this I said good evening and I was off to find my seat. More and more angels were crowding into the room and I feared losing my favorite seat to one of them. I made it to the front of the room and, noticing my seat was still open, laid my belongings on it so all would know it is mine for the evening. I notice as I set my Bible and purse down that the other girls who often sit next to me were arriving and I quickly set my drink and notebook in their seats so they were safe as well.

“Jenna, it has been far too long.” Nicole calls out from across the room.

“Indeed it has.” I agreed. “I am so excited that this day has come and all could be here to share in it.”

Before either one of us could utter another word, the musician angels informed us it was time to find our seats and prepare for the music. As the head-singing angel welcomes us all to this evening at Refuge, the drums start up and soon all of the other instruments join in as well. The music instantly filled every corner of the room. Far back in the edge of the room where Tony the Tiger lives the clapping of hands rings loud. In the outer edge where the leaders of the Refuge room are the voices of thirty angels, praising the Father who made everyone sounds louder then the fireworks on July 4.

I witness this event every week and yet, it never seems to be less amazing. To hear young angels who could spend their time else where willingly praising the Father is outstanding. However, when the Father Himself appears at one of these holy gatherings, it makes an ordinary night into something extraordinary.

For those who have not witnessed the presence of the Father in a time of praise, I shall attempt to describe it for you. He does not appear when you expect Him; nor does he announce His coming. He sneaks in the room and is not immediately recognized. When you slowly start to see Him, His hands, His face, the areas in your life where you claimed He was not present start to come to the front of your thoughts. Then you realize that He was there all along.

This evening was much like a normal night and I was starting to believe that our Father was not going to make Himself known. Then in the midst of a most loved song, I started to feel something. The song talks about sitting at the Lord’s feet and feeling His heartbeat. Often, many realize how real our God is while singing this song. Hard to imagine we angels could forget that He is real; we see Him so often that we should have no doubt. As He came into the room, many angels started to stretch their hands out and reach towards Him while others fell on their knees in awe of His glory.

It is nights like this one when I remember how much I love the times the angels gather and praise Him. I know that I would miss it if we did not have this time of worship. Like every good thing though, the time of worship must end. We all find our seats and pull out our Bibles to listen to the message Angel Tim has prepared for us. I open my notebook to a clean page so I can take notes to reflect on later this week.

“How easy it is to fall.” Tim started his message like many others, with a thought provoking comment. Tim continued on, “When we trust not in God, we fall all too easily. But when all of our trust is in God, the fall hurts even more.” His statements have me wondering where he is going with his message but before I could wonder for long, he continued.

“Many of you remember our dear friend who used to sit in here with us on these nights of worship. He was created just like the rest of us were.”

Oh no, I thought. I know where he is going with this. Before he could even say the name, I knew whom he meant.

“Several of you know whom I am speaking of.” Tim said. Based on the looks on some of the faces, I knew he was correct in that assumption. “I speak, of course, of Lucifer.”

At the mention of that name, my mind started remembering those days not that long ago, the days when Lucifer sat right here next to me. As Tim continued talking, my mind wandered off to a place and time that now feels like ages ago. We all thought that Lucifer was just like the rest of us. He came to the gatherings in the Refuge room and even those outside of it. He always had the answers to all the questions and seemed to be so strong in his trust in our Father. His fall was harder then any I have seen or heard of. I guess we never paid too close attention to him.

I saw Tim point in my direction and realize that I have missed everything he has said.

“What is he talking about?” I ask Becca, sitting next to me.

“He was mentioning how he used to sit right here in this very seat.” Becca answered me. Then she asked the question I knew was coming, “Did you know him?”

I did not give her an answer, and decided to stop thinking about those painful memories, for I did know him, very well. I looked around the room, gazing into all of the glistening eyes. I looked at all of the innocent faces. They were all so young, so untouched by the evils out there. Which one would be next, I wondered. Which one would fall because of something so small?

As Tim finished his message, we all stood to close by speaking with our wonderful Father. He has blessed us so much and the least we can do is thank Him at the end of our glorious evening together. Before leaving the gathering, Tim told us of some upcoming events that we all needed to remember. The next gathering like this would be in one short week but on Sunday, we shall gather before church to discuss “The Truth about Your Future”. We all picked up our belongings and said our “goodbyes”. We would be heading different directions now. Some would be going to eat dinner, others home to finish some forgotten homework before school in the morning. Still others, like me, would stay and talk to the Father a little while longer while in this holy place of Refuge.

One by one, I watch everyone leave around me. As I finish talking to my Father, I realize it is just the leaders and I left. We all head out into the hallway towards the stairs while putting our coats on so that we are prepared to brave the cold, brisk winter evening when we leave the church. I look over my shoulder as Tim’s wife, Consuela, shuts the light off in the Refuge Senior High room. Though this room has only been my home for a short time, I feel as if I have known it forever.

I lower my foot to the first step on the staircase and look into the room one last time. Come Sunday before church, we will gather again. The room will be full of high school students who wish to change the world for God. The room will be full of angels ready to fight the good fight, whatever the cost. Angels who may not see God‘s face, but have seen his hands working in the little things in life. Angels who have witnessed many fall, and often wonder who might be next. The room will be full of wingless angels who long for the day they may meet their Father face to face.

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