Forever and Always

February 28, 2011
Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! I wake up and turn off my alarm. It is 6:30am and I am so tired! I lazily get up and go into my walk in closet. I look through my shirts and I pick out a black v-neck with an adorable lime green under shirt. Then to top it off I put on a sling around vest. Next, I go to the other side of my closet and look through my jeans. Yes! My mom hung up my favorite pair of worn-out-blue skinny jeans. I put them on with a lot of effort. I grab a pair of my favorite black and white checkered socks. Then, I go to my shoes cabinet and pick out my favorite black and white converse.
I go to my bathroom and turn on my straighter, ceramic of course, and while it turns on, I brush my teeth with my new “Crest Whitening Strips” toothpaste it is supposed to help keep your teeth white and healthy. After I am done brushing my teeth my straighter is done heating up so I make sure that my hair looks good form the front and back by straitening it. After I was done straitening my hair I hang up my straighter on its own little rack. Now it is time for my make-up. First I start with my kiss me, black mascara and smother on a crap load. Then I grab my favorite eyeliner called “charcoal dream” and go around my eyes with it. My last touch is to put glitter on my eyelids so that I sparkle.

As soon as I am done I hear, “Anna, hurry up we are going to be late!” it just happens to be my big sister Carli yelling at me yet again. I love her but sometimes she gets on my nerves. I run down stairs and grab my backpack, sack lunch, and a granola bar for the road. When we get in the car I feel a sudden burst of butterflies explode in my stomach. “Anna, you are going to be fine.” Carli says to me. “Don’t worry, just hang out with your friends and you will be fine. I promise.” She gives me a reassuring smile as we get out of the car. I walk up to the gate of the school and see a sign that says HOLY REDEMER HIGHSCHOOL. “It’s all right I went through 9 years of elementary school and middle school, I can make it through 4 years of high school too.” I think to myself as I walk through the quad. I look at my schedule for the billionth time and find my first period classroom D12.
I walk through the door and the first thing I see is my two friends Sadie and Jen. “Hey Anna!” they both say in unison. “Hey guys it has been so long since I’ve seen you two!” I say back. “I know right!” Jen says. “I can’t believe that we are finally in high school!” says Sadie. “RRRRRRIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGG!” the bell chimes as the clock strikes 8:10 am and we all scurry off and find our seats. Our teacher Mr. Brumage is sitting at his desk filling out some kind of form. As soon as he is done he comes to the front of the room, waits and finally says, “Attention class,” everything gets quiet and he continues, “I am Mr. Brumage and I will be your homeroom/language arts teacher. I know that we have all had exciting summers but now we need to settle down. At the end of class I will give you all 5 minutes to talk about what you did over the summer, but until then I will need your attention.”
After, language arts, math and science are over I have the most boring subject ever, history. “RRRRRRIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGG!” the bell dings and we all run to our classes. “Hello class!” our history teacher, Mrs. Lusk, says to the class. “Today I want you to spend the whole period to get to know each other because communication is a big part of history!” The whole class cheers. “Wow” I think to myself, “maybe history won’t be so bad this year.” The rest of the day goes by really fast because I have P.E., lunch, and then study zone.
After school I go straight to my room lay down because it has been a long day. As soon as I get up I go to the kitchen, grab a snack and then go do little bit of homework that I had. When I am done with homework I go into my sister’s room, where she is listening to music and I knock on the door. She says, “Come in.” I walk in and she pauses whatever song she was listening to, I’m guessing some kind of hippie junk that she loves. “How was your first day of school?” she asks. “Fine” I reply as I sit down on the edge of her bed. As soon as I am comfortable we hear, “Carli, Anna time for dinner.” It is our mom calling us down. When I am done with my dinner I take a shower and go to bed.

It has been a month since I have been in school I realize as I wake up and get dressed for school just like any other morning. Except today I get my new schedule because I made the softball team and my hair finally works with me! Thank goodness I have some time to eat breakfast and do other stuff that I want to do in the mornings. I look a in the mirror and think to myself, “I look good today!” My hair falls perfectly into place and my make-up looks really good, almost too good. When I got done admiring myself I go down stairs grab my jacket off the rack and grab my lunch off of the counter and shove it in my backpack. I walk out of the door and get in the car where my mom and Carli are waiting for me. As soon as I get in the car my mom pulls out of our long drive way.
When I got to school I went into the office to get my schedule. I sit down and look to my right where there is a weird kid eating his boogers. EWWWW! I look to my left and there I see the back of a guy’s head. He has dirty-blonde short hair. He is wearing a blue, black, and white flannel with a plain black shirt underneath. He is wearing worn-out-baby-blue straight leg jeans and plain black vans on his feet. He turns around and looks at me. His blue eyes are locked with mine and I notice that his hair is spiked in the front. He has no freckles and perfectly clear skin. His nose is not big and not small but it is the best size. His lips are cotton-candy pink and then he smiles at me and says, “Hey, my name is Tyler. What’s yours?” “Anna” I manage to say. “What grade are you in?” Tyler asks me. “9th what about you?” I say. “9th. Who do you have first period?” he asks. “Mr. Brumage. Who do you have?” I ask. “Mr. Brumage. Hey I’m new here do you think that you could show me around a little?” Tyler asks me. “Sure.” I say back to him. “Really? That’s awesome! It will be a big help.” He says. “No problem.” I say back. “Well, we better get going if we are going to make it in time for 1st period.” He says. “Yea, we should.” I say back. “We”, I think to myself, “I could really get used to hearing that.”

It has been almost six months since Tyler and I have started going out. It will be exactly six months tomorrow which is also Valentine’s Day and we are getting gifts for each other. Since he plays on the baseball team for our school I got him custom made batting gloves that have his name and number engraved in and it has anti-hurt technology so that if he gets hit in the hand while he is batting he won’t feel it. He has been wanting these for months but they have been too expensive for him to buy. My phone buzzes and I see a text from Tyler. It says, “Meet me at Stemmers tomorrow at 9:30am I have a surprise for you ;) , Love Tyler.” “I can’t wait ;) , Love Anna.” I respond.
I get ready, walk down to Stemmers and walk in. It is exactly 9:30am. I look around and try to find Tyler. He is nowhere in sight. I look at my phone and it is now 10:30am, still no Tyler. I call him and he doesn’t answer. I wait a little longer and he I still not here. I get up and walk out with his present and go home. I call him when I get home and he still doesn’t answer. 30 minutes later I get a call from the hospital and Tyler has been in a car accident. I run out the door, his present still in hand and sprint to the hospital. When I get there I ask to see Tyler and they let me in. I walk into his room and he is the in the bed, tubes hooked up to him and on life support. I kneel down beside his bed and grab his hand. By some miracle I hear a faint, “Anna is that you?” “Yes it is me Tyler I’m here.” I say back. “Look on the desk next to me.” He can barely say. I look on the desk and there is a little black velvet box. “Open it. It is for you.” He whispers. I open it and there is a heart shaped diamond necklace with a thin gold chain. There was a little card inside of the little box and it said, “I’ll love you, forever and always.” I look on the back of the heart and engraved in the necklace was the words “I’ll love you forever and always” Tyler’s eyes and mine meet for the last time and I start crying. He says, “I love you Anna forever and always.” Tyler’s eyes close and I know that he is gone. I look at Tyler and I start balling. I put the gloves that I got him in his hand and say, “I’ll love you Tyler, forever and always.”

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