Freak much??

February 24, 2011
By , new york, NY
Hi, my name is Jenna Weinaker. I'm 16 years old and i love to sing. I have a 6 year old sister named Becka. She is very silly and fun to be around. We walk to school every day, come straight home, and do our homework with a snack. But one day, when I was walking home, somebody yelled to me "HEY HEY JENNA! JENNA! OVER HERE! LOOK THIS WAY!" I turned my head to the right and nobody was there. So I ignored it and kept on walking. Then, about halfway to my house, I recieved a text. It was a number I didn't know. I opened my phone and checked the text. it said -JENNA J J J J J J J J J JENNA OVER HERE TURN UR S2PID HEAD OVA HEAAA-. I was freaking out. I locked it, shut my phone, and kept walking. Then, just as I got to my house, I heard more calling to me "CALLING MISS WEINAKER> YO TURN AROUND YOU MORON!!!!!" I was so scared that I yelled back. "HEY YO I DON'T KNOW YOU GO AWAY!" I was shaking. I opened the door to find Becka sleeping on the couch. "Haha Becks, get up it is homework time!" She didn't budge. I went over and tapped her. But just as I did, I found a vial of poison and her water was foggy. "OH NO!" I ran to the water and tasted it. It was not poison, i was cherry taster. I was flipping out! I packed a suitcase, called a cab, and ran away for 3 years.

I came back one day during college spring break. Whene my family saw me, they started laughing, "What is so funny?" Then I turned my head. I saw Becka was still in the same position as I left. "Is she dead???" I started to cry. Then Becka opened her eyes and shouted "HEY YO JENNA TURN UR HEAD!" I jumped. It turns out that my family was pranking me for three years! After that, I left right away! I was so mad.

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jkjk123 said...
Mar. 8, 2011 at 1:06 pm
sorry about all the typos
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