The Journey

February 28, 2011
By Anonymous

Natalya Ohaiyashi is starting the rest of her life. Moving to New York city and working for one of the most prestigious fashion consulting companies on the east coast. Can she overcome the difficulties of the job and excel? Chapter 1: The Start Natalya Ohayashi put the last of her suitcases into the trunk of her black on black Maserati. Closing the trunk and turning around, she stared at the place she’d lived since her sophomore year in college. The cozy and all around cute apartment her father had paid for was her taste and part of the fight to move to Manhattan was mostly because she would miss her little chateau here in Miami, Florida. Another reason why she couldn’t quite bring herself to start on her journey to the airport is that she would have to leave her family. Natalya took a deep breath and turned back around, walking to the driver’s seat of the car and opening the door. “Natalya wait!” A voice yelled to her, she turned around and saw her best friend, Stacy Harrison, running towards her. Natalya giggled a little at the sight her friend waving frantically and her hair blowing wildly in the wind. “Stacy you look a mess, girl.” Natalya stated, hugging her friend for what would be the last in a long time. “I just wanted to say goodbye before you left for New York.”
“You said goodbye, like, five times yesterday.”
“I know, but I just wanted to say it again.” Natalya grinned at the fact that her best friend would miss her while she followed her dreams in New York. Stacy had been devastated when Natalya told her she’d taken her dream job in Manhattan. Styling celebrities, being invited fashion weeks across the globe, and working for one of the more prestigious wardrobe consultant companies on this side of the country, The New York Consultants, or for short, The NYC. “I know but you know I really need to take this job. This could open the door for me anywhere, and you know it.” Natalya folded her arms and waited for Stacy’s respond. “I know and that’s why I’m not going to stop you from doing this.”
“But you want to stop me.”
“You’re right, please don’t leave me here! Who am I supposed to hang out with? Jennifer?”
“What’s wrong with Jennifer, she’s fun to be around.” Natalya looked at the time on her watch. It was eight twenty-five in the morning and she wanted to be at the airport at exactly nine o’ clock. “Stacy, I’ve got to go, can’t miss this flight.”
“Oh so it’s like that?” Stacy asked playfully, folding her arms and rolling her neck.
“Girl please,” Natalya began, pulling her jet black hair into a high and sitting down inside of her car. “You know I’ve got to catch this flight, I have to meet with her tomorrow morning and I want to be somewhat adjusted to the city.” Natalya grinned. Stacy smiled, and closed the door behind her departing friend and stepped back onto the sidewalk. Natalya turned on the car and rolled down the window. “You know, I’ll be back for the holidays Stace.”
“That’s five months away.”
“I know.” Natalya stated matter of factly. She waved to Stacy one last name before merging into the traffic. She was ready to start the rest of her life.

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