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February 16, 2011
By Bookwriter97 SILVER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Bookwriter97 SILVER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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It was about 7:50am when I got to school. As I walked up into the main hallway of Ben Franklin school I met up with my friend Logan. Hispanic kid who is in the class with almost all of the puerto ricans. We chatted until we got to our lockers which was a good five minutes. My teacher so ignorant, won't even let your have breakfast after 8. I was rushing to my locker and into my class that I left all my homework for today. I'm a good student with good grades but how in the world could I have forgotten all of that. I got to my class with a minute to spare so i grabbed on of the little pastries and sat down. Thirty minutes passed when we switched for class. Waiting for my math teacher I met up with Logan and we chatted until we had to go in.
" good morning students" says my math teacher with his monotone voice. Mr. Colon cool but his voice and just every thing about him screams boring. His hair is a regular black. Then he is a peach colored dude with average clothing. Because I really can't stand his voice sometimes I sit in the back and pull out my iPod and just listen. Jamin'  in the back of the room is Demetrius' favorite past time. Any way learning about some kind of math algebra equation called an endratic  equations or something like that. My girl said when we first fell in live that math was stupid. I said what she wanted to do with her life without math. Work at walmart was her answer. Here she came now to talk. Uh oh

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The author's comments:
Yes i used my real schools name only because I couldn't think of one.

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