Dearest Darkness

February 17, 2011
By Miz.G.XD. BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
Miz.G.XD. BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
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Its ghoulish game lasted one more miserable week before I broke from the fear that held me. I courageously decided to get rid of it. His pointy fangs and scaly skin would torture my sight no longer. His name was darkness and he was only present at night. When the lights turned off, he slithered onto the carpets of my humble home. My face with big, black bags under my eyes, and my head always in dreamland, he never let me get my sleep! If I let it stay around, it would most surely hurt me.
One day, I decided it had gone too far. It was chewing maliciously on my sleep and not sharing one bit! I had fallen asleep the day before at school, and that's when I decided I had had enough! He robbed me of my sleep no more! Deciding almost instantaneously, I planned on how to get rid of my towering nemesis. Armed with a flashlight and a knife, I crept into bed with a grin on my face.
As night settled in, I sensed it appear and move throughout my room, I tensed as it moved to its familiar spot. I grinned; it would not deliver me another sleepless night. It was now or never! Quickly, I leaped up and struck out with my knife. As it recoiled, I flashed my light and yelled, "BE GONE"! Pushing on the weakened shadow with a beam of light, I forced it out of my house. You could hear its struggle as it clawed at the walls "SCREEECHH" like nails on a chalkboard as it fled with its tail between its legs. I laughed and went happily to bed.

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