The NightMare

February 19, 2011
By , bergenfield, NJ
My name is Alice. L Born on April 5th in the year 1994. The family I lived with told me I was adopted in China. I have been with this family for sixteen years and they provided all my needs. Last summer we moved to Devour, Colorado and it time to attend a new school. This is the story of my life.
“Wake up, it 7:00 am horny, you would be late for school”. I heard my mom’s voice over and over again. As I got ready to go to school, I began to tear up. I thought to myself that, it’s a new school; I have to make new friends and it going to be hard. My mom looked at me and told me that I shouldn’t cry and in no time everything will be fine. I started to cry more when my mom dropped me in the front of the school but as I got in the building I whipped my tears. I told myself that I ‘am a big girl and it’s time to grow up. As perplexed as I was, this guy approached me and saw that I was lost in the hall way.
Jackson: Hey I’m Jackson; you look a little bit confused, is everything all right
Alice: Oh, Hey I’m Alice. I’m new at this school.
Jackson: oh no problem.
Jackson: I’m a sophomore.
Alice: That great I’m a sophomore.
Jackson: wow, l will help you find your classes.
Alice: thank you!
I had basically all my classes with Jackson apart from forensics which I have during the end of the day. Not knowing, Jackson also come to the school a few months before the summer vacation. He’s on the football team and also does a lot of activities in the school. As we were walking to first period I saw some of his pictures on the walls.
Mrs. Richardson: Good Morning class, my name is Mrs. Richardson and I welcome you to my English class. Today we are going to introduce ourselves and be friendly to each other. We would also write a report on how we spent our vacation.
Class: Hello, Mrs. Richardson.
As everybody began to introduce their self, I was also thinking of the rest of the classes.
As the day was procrastinating, it finally came to an end. Jackson and I walked to each other’s locker and we walked down the stairs outside the school. We exchanged numbers just in case of anything. As I got outside of the school, my mom was already in front to pick me up. I hugged Jackson and I left him.
Mom: How was school today love?
Alice: it was great mom. All my classes went on well with the help of my new friend Jackson.
Mom: That great, and I suppose Jackson is the fine young man I saw you hug today.
Mom: so you have any homework today.
Alice: Yes mom, I did. I got one for English and Social Studies.
As we got home, I was thinking of Jackson the whole time. His picture was in my head the whole time. Even at dinner time, his name was in my mind. I don’t know why I was thinking of him but he just came in mind. After my English homework, I called Jackson for help on my social studies homework. After my homework, we said goodnight to each other and that was it. I went to bed after Jackson helped me with my homework. The next day Jackson and I saw each other and we walked to class. In English class, Jackson tapped my shoulder and said “hey after school don’t call your mom today. We would walk home together”. I looked at him, why we should walk home. I told him “We don’t leave close by”. He chuckled and said “yes we do, I live two blocks from your house”. End of the day I called my mom and told her I was walking with Jackson today and she was fine with it. Walking along the way, we shared secrets and we become best friends. He took me home and gave me a kiss and also went home. I told my mom everything I talked about with Jackson and she thought I should bring Jackson over one day for dinner. In school Jackson and I were close to each other and nothing could separate us. On Sundays; my mom and I always went to church and I was very happy to be in church. Jackson was a catholic and also went to another church. Later after church I come home, went through my homework and called Jackson. We had like an hour conversation on the phone and talked about how church went for each other.
Now it Monday morning and as we were playing volley ball today, this guy started harassing me and calling me names out of nowhere. Jackson came along and before I realize, there was a fight going on. Jackson got hurt and was rushed to the hospital. The other got suspended and the office called my mom. My mom was pretty upset but I explained everything to her. Two to three days later Jackson came to school and I was happy to see him again. My heart was really torn in pieces without him.
Alice: Hey, today I want you and your family to come and have dinner at our place,
Jackson: wow, that’s great Alice. That will be a surprise to my parents!
Alice: my mom doesn’t know your parents are coming so, it will be a surprise
Jackson: okay!

After school Jackson had football practice so I went home and called his house phone. His mom picked up and I told her to let him call me when he got home. My mom already cooked rice and different delicious foods. The aroma of the foods felt the house and my mouth become watery. At seven o’clock in the evening, Jackson’s family come over for dinner. We left the adults talking and what a coincidence. Jackson’s mom was my mom’s cheerleading captain and they shared lot of memories over the dinner table. Later that night at 10pm Jackson and his family left. I cleaned the dining room and went to read my social studies book in my room for a chapter test on Monday. Later that night my mom was on the phone with some friends so after studying I went to bed. The reason why I never talked about my dad was because he got in a car accident. That night I thought of calling one of my girlfriends Alberta. Alberta was a new friend of mine who was kind and nice to everyone. I dozed off holding the phone in my hands. I had this weird dream that made me scared.
The Dream: One day Jackson and I were hanging around on a swing at a park as something terrible happened. There was a little girl crying and begging me to buy ice cream for her. I didn’t know this little girl but I had pity on her and thought what the heck. Let me buy it for her so that she would stop crying. Jackson, Jackson as I screamed, was lying on the ground covered in blood. I don’t know what happened at the moment but everything was dark and for some reason everything become blurry. Later in the dream, I found myself at a grave yard burying my own boyfriend. After the burial, I was flabbergasted that one minute I was with him and now he’s gone. Scared out of my mind, I heard voices saying to me” Get up my dear, this is just the beginning. There are more traps to come along your way.” I screamed at the voice to go away but everywhere I run to I heard the voice. Later in the grave yard, it started getting windy. Chains started clinking and voices come from the graves saying “ha Alice you are next… Whatever you do we are watching you. “I screamed saying “Leave me alone! Someone wake me up from this dream!” Apparently I wasn’t still asleep so I began to run from the graveyard. The dead rose started chasing me. I have never run so fast before and I never knew where I was running to. I was being chased and as I was running, I tripped. My hands and legs were bruised and the dead come approaching me.
Just then i woke up and I saw Jackson in the room. I screamed and Jackson held me and hugged me. He said “am right here love, everything is fine”. I saw my mom crying and she thought I was never going to wake up. She said “oh my baby, you are fine. I was worried about you so I called Jackson over.” My mom went down the stairs and made me some breakfast while Jackson waited in my room. I went to the bathroom to get ready for Jackson and I to go to the library. At the library I was still thinking of the dream. It was in my mind forever. Even sitting in class I still remembered the dream. Jackson was also worried about me but I myself didn’t know what was wrong with me. Later that night my mom and I were watching TV. As I lay down in bed, I saw a bright light in my room. It was so bright that I had to hide under the covers. There was an appearance of a face but I couldn’t see anything beyond that. It said “You can’t escape Alice. Where ever you are I will be there”. I screamed and when my mom come upstairs, nothing was there, it was only my imagination. Day by day I lived by the fears of the dream. Months have passed and I still remember the dream. It baffled my mind and I couldn’t focus in school. On Sundays the pastor’s even prayed for me but something kept hunting me. Today is Thursday in August of 2005, was Jacksons birth day. After watching him at practice today, we also went out for dinner. As I sat there, the voice came again Saying “’ Alice, we want Jackson back. Give him to us or you will be the nest in the grave”. I yield “You are not getting anyone back; he is mine “Everybody turned around looking at me at restaurant. Jackson was so embarrassed that, he got a little bit angry and decided that we should leave. In the car we didn’t speak for a while then we had a conversation
Jackson: I’m sorry I got angry at you. It just that you are not being able to be yourself and it borders me.
Alice: Do you think I am crazy or something (crying). I don’t know why I’m hearing voices.
Jackson: hey, no need to cry, everything would be alright.
On our way home, Jackson took me to the grave side. He showed me his grand pa’s grave and I asked him why he brought me here. Shouldn’t we be home already?
He laughed and said, “Home” this is where I belong. Welcome to my night mare sweetheart. Tundra stroked and it began to rain. This was no dream anymore; I have been dating a dead person all this while.
Jackson: I come to life to relive again. My mission is done in this world. I will be coming back once a while to see you so run home. Run as fast as you can, I am always there to protect you.
Alice: Crying... Would I see you again? What do I tell my mom?
Jackson: don’t worry about your mom, leave that to me.
The night when I got, I was thinking of who this Jackson guy really was, apart from being a nice to me. I was thinking was he really a ghost or was this one of his pranks. Reality there was no Jackson.
Going down the stairs to get water, I trembled down the stairs and I fell into a coma. My mom rushed me to the hospital and God knew how long I was there for. I could remember anything after Jackson’s party. I don’t know even where my mom was. As I was on the hospital bed, the voice came again “We have him know, but what is yours is yours. You guys were really connected to each other so you could have him back”. Me not being able to speak or do anything I just laid there. The nightmares kept coming and coming. This time it was worse than before and I couldn’t even explain what I saw. Then my senses kept coming back. I then remembered everything after the party. Few minute later, after being in a coma for a month, my eyes opened. My mom stood there with Jackson and I saw them, Oh how happy I was. My mom went to call the nurse to come and check me. I began to cry.
Jackson: No need to cry, told you I will be everywhere you are”.
Alice: (crying) I know …. Tell me the truth about yourself. Who really are you? What have come to do to me?
Jackson: I was hit by a car one day and I died. As a young boy being dead, I walked in the grave yard the whole time, crying. I cried so much that the other dead people began to cry. We were like family, and everything I wanted I got it. The dead knew everything that was going on because there always with me. Know that am back to life, the voices would be no more around me. They can’t break our relationship.
Alice: Oh my God, this is crazy. So you died and now you are back to life. Why didn’t you tell me all this before.
Jackson: You can’t rush things in life; you just have to let them fly by.
Everything was a joke to, but as long as he’s back to normal I was glade
Three months from the hospital, I was in school again in my English class we were told by our teacher to write a story about our greatest fear. I looked at Jackson and laughed. After school today I couldn’t find Jackson, he didn’t walk with me or anything. When I got home, I gave Jackson a call to see if everything was alright. He said
Jackson: sorry I wasn’t feeling well so I left school earlier.
Alice Oh is everything alright. You want me to come over
Jackson: “sure”.

After my homework I called my mom and told her I will be at Jacksons place because he wasn’t feeling well. She was fine with it; she knew I was a good girl so I won’t go out to do anything stupid. As I went to Jackson’s place he was listening to music and I went in there to make him some soup. After we ate, we watched TV. I slept over his house and got dressed in the morning to go to school. Thank God it’s Friday. After school Jackson and I bought some ice cream and went to the park. The voice appeared and we both heard it and listened.
Voice: What a happy friendship. My eyes would always be on you son.
Jackson: I hear you pop; I will make sure everything is alright.
Alice: wow, he was really proud of you.
Jackson: he was…
At the end of the day we went home and I was thinking of the fast time I met him. Then I realize that Jackson wasn’t someone who wanted to hurt me. He was there to protect me and care for me. He come back to life for us to be together. I kept repeating how much I loved Jackson till I dozed off.

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