If I were Stranded on a desert island.

February 22, 2011
By becool GOLD, Allison Park, Pennsylvania
becool GOLD, Allison Park, Pennsylvania
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If I were stranded on a desert island, and could only bring two items with me , I would bring someone from the TV show “survivor”, and a box of matches.

I think bringing someone from “survivor” would be a good idea because, have a lot of experience when it comes to being dropped off on random islands.
The people who worked on the show have had to build shelters, start fires, and find food. All without the proper supplies.
Another reason bringing someone from the show “survivor” would be a good idea is because, I’d have someone to talk to.
Being away from people too long will make any human being go insane! With someone to talk to we would be able to compare ideas and answer each others questions. With the both of us thinking we would be a lot closer to getting off the island.
Also, having someone with me would be much safer. If one of us were to get hurt, we could help each other.
I think having someone from “survivor” would be a great advantage. Next time you go on a boat ride I would consider bringing someone from “survivor” just incase you were to sink.

The other item that I would bring with me would be a box of matches.
Bringing matches would be a good idea because, I would be able to forget all the old school fire starting methods. The only work I would have to do would be gathering wood to get the fire started.
Also , matches would be good for drinking water. In order for salt water or ground water to be safe enough to drink , it would need to be boiled. In order to boil water it would need to be heated up by fire. If you had matches you could do that.
Matches would be good to cook with.
Since, there would be no ovens of microwaves, I could use the matches to cook food.

Matches would be a good thing to bring for several reasons. Those were just a few. I think I would be able to survive if I had just a box of matches and a guy from the show “survivor”.

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