Fallen Angel {Part 1}

February 16, 2011
High school was starting already, cars rushing to head to work; students were all over the place. A freshman named “Ace” was running through the large crowd gathered by the door. A gothic boy who wore only black clothes along with chains, short black hair with amazing green eyes. This was his 2nd week at his high-school “The Tigers” and already he remembered all his classes and lunches. His friends meet him inside homeroom, the sun was shinning his mighty fury on the earth, bringing life into the room. Mrs. A was calling people’s names out loud, as the kids reply with “Here” Ace looked around the room. It was a fairly sized room with the teacher’s desk at the head of the room. There were about 30 desks, all filled with students expected for the last desk to his right side. The room was covered with all sorts of math notes and symbols. He was daydreaming when a knock on the door shattered his thoughts. Mrs. A opened the door as a woman walked in with plain black clothes and a black sweater. His jaw dropped when he saw her, her eyes was unusually grey or lacked color in them. She was hot to him; everyone was silent as she told the class that this beauty just moved into town. Then, she told the class her name was “Sypher” and she needed a partner to help her get used to the high school. All hands went up expected his, Mrs. A scanned around the room and locked eyes with him. With a soft smile, she said “Ace, since you remember your classes, you can help Miss Sypher with her classes.” His heart dropped to his stomach, his mind was racing at the thought of talking to this hottie. He simply nods and the girl smiled which felt like it lighted up the room. The bell ringed as he walked up to her nervously, she smiled as she showed him her classes. His eyes widen, her classes were exactly his classes and lunches. He looked up and into her eyes, getting lost in them while she was nudging him. He blinked and try to make small talk “Well…It seems that you h-have all the classes I’m t-taking.” He led her down the hallway to the stairs, heading up to the 3rd floor. During the trip, she was looking at him, in a soft and angelic voice she said “What block are we in? Also, when is lunch?”

“Well….We are in A-block which is Latin for you and me….However, lunch changes each day so just follow me, okay?” He couldn’t believe he was talking so calmly to her. He could feel himself blushing and hands shaking. Looking at all the rooms’ numbers from 300 to 320, trying to distract his mind. Room 309 was at the end of the hallway, students instinct he grabbed her hand softly, confused by how cold it is. Before he could ask, they arrived at the correct room before the bell ringed. He took his seat as usual however; Sypher took the empty seat behind his friend on the row next to him. His friend was also a gothic kid, her hair was always short and dye black. She loved the same things he loved but, they were only friends that’s all. She said hello and ask about the new girl.

“She looks all creepy with those eyes. I mean really! Freaky, dude….” She shivered as she watched Sypher talking to Mr. Moro, the Latin teacher.

“I think you are the one who is creepy, Amy. Anyway, it looks awesome in my opinion.”

“You like her, don’t you? Don’t hide it because your cheeks are red like apples, hun. Anyway, all I’m saying is that I think there’s something wrong with that girl. She even looks familiar somehow.”

“I doubt that she’s from L.A. but, was truly born in Italy. She lived there for about 8 years before moving to the U.S.”

The final bell ringed and students were rushing to get out into the bitter streets of New York. Ace was walking home by himself when he suddenly, felt dizzy. Holding onto a streetlight, his vision went blurry and his heart was beating at a fast rate. All he remembered before passing out was that someone was calling his name.

Seasons went by as the school year got harder than what Ace had expected. Studying, projects, homework with essays and major tests that seem confusing. Besides that, Amy kept asking questions about Sypher that Ace didn’t answer. He felt close to Sypher, telling her everything that he know as if he couldn’t control his mouth. He didn’t want to break that pure bond they had, she even showed him her scars. There were 2 small scars in the shape of a “V” on her back.

She had this scar for a very long time, sometimes it even burns. Ace remembered reaching his hand, wanting to touch them. Suddenly, he felt his fingertips touch one of those scars. He rubbed it slowly, feeling how rough it felt against her soft skin. He couldn’t pull his fingers away, it was as if the scars had a pull on them. Slowly closing his eyes, letting the pure darkness cover his body completely. A strong scent of rosemary filled the air, he started to her voices speaking in Latin. He heard a man calling to Sypher, saying something in Latin. His eyes flew open wide, trying to wrap his head around this strange event.

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