The Killer

February 16, 2011
Knock! Knock! “Who is it?” asked Stephanie. “Hey it’s Chris!” Stephanie opened the door and Chris walked in and as they were walking into Stephanie’s house her little brother said “Hi! What is your name?” The little boy said it like he had no idea who was coming into his house. “My name is Chris”, he said in a very deep voice.
Stephanie is a very outgoing and challenging girl. But on the inside she is very bad. She has gotten into fights, and she has bullied and made fun of people very badly, and she gets in trouble all of the time… She loves hanging out with her mean friends and she loves to do bad things.
Now Chris on the other hand is worse than Stephanie by far. Chris does drugs and he has tried to kill himself before because of a mental disorder. And far worse other stuff….

“Let’s get in the car”, said Stephanie as Chris walked out of the house suspiciously. They got into her mom’s car and started driving away when they were only 14.

Outside the mall were a kid and his mom. Chris reluctantly reached in his pocket and pulled out a small pocket sized gun.

“Chris, what are you doing with that?” said Stephanie very surprised. Right then, Chris turned the gun toward him and pulled the trigger back and a bullet shot him straight in the forehead. Stephanie was so devastated.

There he was lying on the floor. DEAD!!!!! That was the word… The kid turned and looked at his mom. And he said “Mommy that boy just killed himself and that is very bad. He is not a very good influence.” “Yes sweetie, don’t ever do that. You shouldn’t believe in everything that you see, sweetheart.” They finally left and the paramedics showed up and took the dead body off……………

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softballfreak said...
Feb. 25, 2011 at 6:08 pm
This peice is awesome I wrote from ma brain
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