How to Make the Perfect Bowl of Cereal

February 17, 2011
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Rise and shine. Awake from a long, deep sleep. Laying still as you playback those deep dreams. All of sudden, a gurgling noise erupts from your stomach. Starving. You haven’t eaten all night. You push the sheets off your warm body, stretch out your legs, and head straight toward the kitchen.

Stomach growling. You’re on a mission. In search for the perfect breakfast. A meal that will satisfy your raging belly. Hunt through the cabinets. Then, unexpectedly, you come across a big, yellow box. Cheerios. Stand and ponder for a moment. Could this be it? The meal you were searching for? So hungry. Stomach full off of starvation. Must eat. A bowl of cereal, better than any bowl eaten before. You grab the box, look at the back, and find something that might just help you out. An article. “How To Pour the Perfect Bowl of Cereal.”

Step One. In order to prepare the most magnificent bowl of cereal one could ever consume, you must gather all the needed materials. A spoon. Metal is recommended because it is able to scoop the cereal out of the bowl much better than a plastic spoon. Although, do make sure the spoon is not too big. A spoon that is too big leads to bites that are also too big. Bites that are too big may lead to choking, which could lead to a serious unfortunate event. A bowl. Any material will work, besides paper. Paper bowl durability is not quite strong enough to handle the consistency of the milk. Make sure this bowl is not too large. You don’t want your delicious Cheerios to drown in it! But also make sure it is not too small. You don’t want your cereal to overflow the bowl. Milk. Choose wisely! Fat Free Skim Milk is the healthiest choice when it comes to milk. Make sure you use milk from a a plastic container rather than a milk carton. The milk is so much colder when it comes directly from a plastic milk container. Cereal. The bowl is not complete without the scrumptious Cheerios!

Step Two. In order for your bowl of cereal to be ultra-tasty, you must make sure you pour the right amount of cereal. The exact amount should be able to satisfy your hunger completely, and nothing more. Please be cautious of the hazards of pouring too much cereal into your bowl! Side-effects may include extreme belly-aches or painful in-digestion. So please be careful when pouring the exact amount. As long as you are alert, you will be safe and satisfied.

Step Three. In order for your cereal to taste absolutely delicious, you must be very conscientious when splashing your milk into your bowl filled with Cheerios. This is the last, and most crucial step. You cannot flood your cereal with an excessive amount of milk. This would cause the pieces of cereal to become soft and soggy. Cereal is most commonly enjoyed when damp and crunchy. Although, if you do not pour enough milk into your bowl, the cereal will taste dry. Dry cereal is not a favored taste. If the correct amount of milk is poured into the precise amount of cereal, which is eaten of the proper bowl and with the appropriate spoon, you’re cereal will taste superior to any other bowl of cereal ever consumed by human kind.
Following these steps will certainly allow you to pour the perfect bowl of cereal. Now you may enjoy it!

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