Camping Out in a new place

February 15, 2011
By ANT13 SILVER, Northwood, New Hampshire
ANT13 SILVER, Northwood, New Hampshire
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I feel like this should be a famous quote/saying: Talk from your heart because the beats that come out are the words of heart, good choices. each beat is a choice, no beat equals giving up. 1 beat can make a difference, so can't you.

Chapter 1: Waking up with good news!
It was a Friday, the night of the July 7th and the family was discussing taking a vacation in a couple of weeks. Knowing that I, Anthony, would be a little suspicious, I kept my mouth shut and waited to see what would happen. We then went out for dinner. It was good.
When we got back from dinner it was time for bed and we were all full. We’d gone to a buffet and pretty much ate for about three hours. My stomach felt like it was ready to explode. I went to sleep and waited until morning came.
When I woke up in the morning I was shocked to see everyone’s backpack packed up but mine. I thought my family was leaving me at home. Then they told me that surprisingly we were leaving TODAY! I was so excited; I think I was the first one done packing and loading all my stuff in the trailer truck. I knew that today, Saturday the 8th, would be the best day ever, or that’s what I’d expect.
Chapter 2: Vacation to Hawaii!
We lived in Southern Florida so we took a plane to California. When we arrived at their airport, we were literally being stared at because we were all Americans and they were all Korean so we left. We were freaked out. Someone even told us his name, Stephen Honolulu. He was helping everyone get to Hawaii. We assumed he owned the Hawaii Borders of the state, so we got help from him.
We asked him how to get to Hawaii but we realized he was Hawaiian so we asked for a translator then asked him to take us to Hawaii. I was getting hungry, so were my brother and sisters, and even my mom. While my dad was translating we stopped by a nearby, fast food restaurant called Mick D’s Famous Burgers. We got a couple of fries, 6 soft drinks, and 6 burgers, one for me, my brother Troy, my sisters Monica, Marissa, and Constance, and my dad, Derek. My mom got her sweet tea and a Swiss cheese and Angus wrap.
While we were eating my dad was still translating but we didn’t know why so we brought the food with us to the airport and went to see what was up. The thing is though; we didn’t have our flight ticket so apparently we weren’t allowed to leave. That got everyone upset. The person was nice and felt our worry and told us to go to the front desk. We then decided to buy another six tickets and ask for discounts so it wasn’t a lot of money and got on the plane. Thank goodness that was over. Now it is time for me to relax and take a little nap. Adios and good night!

Chapter 3: Where Are We Staying?
The plane landed with a thud and I awoke to see not what anybody wanted to see. I think we’d crashed down to Puuwai, some town/city northwest of Honolulu. The flight attendant came out from up front and told us that the planes motor had run out of gas and the wings had reversed the controls of both ailerons (directors). The propeller popped of too.

Luckily when we got out of the plane we were immediately saved by an incoming helicopter who saw the smoke from the engine. We then told the pilot we were supposed to be in Hawaii for vacation so he took us there. We decided after all that commotion we were starving. We got lunch at an Italian restaurant named The Italian Stallion which has good food. Then we went to our motel room. We sat there bored and thinking of what else there was to do. Then LIGHTBULB! My dad had an idea, “Let’s go down the street to the fun place named The Hawaiian Arcade. I hear they have good games that haven’t even come out in stores yet. It will be so much fun!”
Chapter 4: End of Vacation! We played and played all the games but then got tired so we left and went back to the motel to go to sleep. We left the next morning to head home and to me this vacation would be one never to forget! The best part of this vacation was that we all got to hang out and have an adventure of a lifetime! This vacation was so fun.

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