Just Listen

February 14, 2011
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If one were to stay silent and listen, just listen, one would discover more about our world than what was known before. An understanding will surface. Eyes will open. Just listen. Can you hear it? Can you? Listen.
Hear the wind whistling its harmonic melody past our ears. Hear its cries. It speaks to us. Listen closely. Destiny rides its currents, warning us of those unsettling and joyous moments where we decide between pain and happiness. It speaks of our always altering hope.
Lay on the limbs of a graced tree and feel the gentle leaves’ touch. Feel their whispers on your porcelain skin. Listen and they may share with you visions and dreams in form of your wishes. Let your eyes briefly rest and be shown the dancing illusions of your lust. Breathe deeply and let your body lay to rest.
Listen to the ocean’s roar as I once did. On the soft shores, I let my foot followed by my other slice the open tides. I felt the brisk waters languidly brush over my ankles. If one listens to what it tells, they will, like me, let the weeping soul be washed away. I let it all go, my memories, myself. For it washes away one’s own regrets and whisks away their wounding past. If one listens, their heart and spirit will be cleansed.
Let one feel the heat, as I believe it will give relief. It is not known, but hear me, no harm will come to oneself. It burns I know, it gives out perish. But listen; just listen to its soaring embers. Find the truth. It’s not destruction fire does bring, instead it’s rebirth, a joyous new beginning. It erases the past, good or bad, but has its reasons; to make one stronger, to make things better. Listen; listen to its searing breath.
I believe the wind brings warnings, earth lights wishes, water cleanses the soul, and fire brings life. Just listen. Understanding will arrive of the way the world works in its own mysterious ways. Listen. Listen. Just listen.

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