The fish

February 14, 2011
Man you are never going to guess what happened to me on the boat today. Ok so I was at the skyway bridge and I wasn’t catching much, and then out of no where my fishing reel starts screaming. I pick it up and can hardly hold on to it as its dragging me over the side of the boat. Lets just say it felt like I was trying to reel in a fully loaded 747 from the bottom of the ocean. Oh my gosh the tip of the rod was perpendicular with my hands, I thought for sure it was going to break and send me flying into shark infested waters. I fought this fish for over two hours by myself and I was absolutely exhausted. Oh what kind of fish was it, it turned out to be a six hundred pound goliath grouper. Well after I regained feeling in my arms I drug the beast to shore to have it measured and weighed for the record books. Oh man the look on the record book associates face was priceless, it looked like he just found a suitcase full of money. Oh well the current record is five hundred and sixty five pounds. Josh the record holder couldn’t believe what he say when I pulled it up on the scale. When I looked up at the scale and saw six hundred and seventy three pounds I honestly didn’t believe what I was seeing. What did I do with the fish after, well I did what any good sportsman would do, set the beast free to be caught another day. Well after I set big hunger free I went out to try and catch something a little smaller, no such luck. Was it the same thing no, it was the mighty silver king aka a tarpon. I knew it was a tarpon because it came flying out of the water and almost jumped into another boat. The fight was the exact same it was scary, once again I find myself dragging a fish to the scale and its pulling the back of the boat under water. Man at this point in time I was ready to pee myself and almost did because I was so nervous. How much was the record on a tarpon, it was three hundred and seventeen pounds. I pulled the fish up on the scale and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Josh I broke two records in a day how many people can say they have done that? This had to be one of the best days of my life and nothing could ruin it. What will I call the story, well that’s easy simply, The Fish!

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