The Job

February 12, 2011
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I was walking home from school when I heard a sound similar to my dad’s rifle. I run towards it thinking that someone was about to get shot; not realizing it was me. I turned the corner and their it was. An ambush set up for me. How could I be so stupid? After seven years of running, I finally felt as if I was safe. Too bad that was not true. “So Jacob, where is that money you owe us?” asked Rick, the big honcho of the Michigan cartel. I had been one of them one day; Back when I was ignorant. I was on the top, one of the big dogs. I had been working on my latest job, smuggling some cocaine across Lake Michigan. I had to borrow some money from Rick, one of my partners. I told him I would pay him back after I finished the job. That was just it though; I did not finish the job. Somehow, I was caught by the cops and got in jail for 4 years. 3 years ago, when I got out, Rick found me and started asking for his money back. I told him I could not pay him. I was low and needed what I did have to live. Therefore, Rick beat me and took the little money I had, whispering that he would be back as he walked out the door. Now it was 3 years later and he had found me, he was going to kill me. In addition, that is just what happened. The cops had found my body floating in the Missipi River 2 days later. Moreover, that was the end of my time among the living.

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